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Lecture 4

NURS1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Evidence-Based Practice

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Lecture four: evidence-based practice and reflective care
The aims of care are to promote, maintain and restore health.
Evidence based practice comes from research, workshops, textbooks etc.
Evidence based practice is the basis of the policies and standards of hospitals
Nurses are encouraged to look at policies and procedures before learning a skill
The best available evidence comes from patient values, clinical experience and best
A care path is an evidence based, procedure document for specific procedures. An
example of a care path would be how to care for a patient post-surgery. The
problem with care paths is that they are generic because they are not tailored
towards the patients. However, they are useful because they act as a
guideline/baseline that nurses can follow.
Evidence based practice is the safest care to be offered
Practioners-patient interaction is important for patient centred evidence-based
practice because it ensures the patient feels comfortable to tell you full details,
which allows you to give them the best care.
Reflections are important for evidence-based care as they allow nurses to improve
their practice.
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