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Systems Testing and Quality Management

31268 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Openvms, Qnx, Graphical User Interface

Lecture: Web Systems What is the Web? A network. Tons of devices that travel from browser to a website. A bunch of computers and a network of networks and a whacking big computer running the website? Uts website is runnin...

Information Technology
Chris Wong
31268 Study Guide - Final Guide: Non-Repudiation, Public-Key Cryptography, Public Key Certificate

Web Systems Summary 2 Video 03 Security: What are the 3 basic security principles? Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (C.I.A) Confidentiality Integrity Availability Keep secrets from Safeguard accuracy Keep infor...

Information Technology
Chris Wong
31268 Study Guide - Final Guide: Command-Line Interface, System Administrator, Bell Labs

Web Systems Summary 1 Video 01: What is an operating system (OS)? What does an OS do? A software interface that supports basic computer functions. E.g. Windows, Mac, Linux. Operating systems: o Manage hardware, software, a...

Information Technology
Chris Wong
31268 Study Guide - Final Guide: Resource Contention, Multi-Core Processor, Multiprocessing

Web Systems Summary 3 Video 06 Process mgmt: What is a program vs. process ? What are the types of concurrent processing? A program is a file. A process is a programming running. Multiprogramming e.g. windows 3 cooperati...

Information Technology
Chris Wong
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