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10 Ryerson Students Worth Following in 2017

Toronto is a vibrant city overflowing with invention and creativity. It would be no small feat to unearth a...

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10 Best Places to Eat by University of Maryland Campus

Sometimes the dining halls on campus aren’t going to cut it. No matter who you are, you’ve probably gotten ...

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20 of the Best Places to Eat Near UCI

It’s extremely difficult to avoid the Freshman 15 when there is a plethora of tasty restaurants and cafes n...

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10 Reasons Not to Attend University of Maryland

Every incoming Terp arrives at UMD and thinks it’s fantastic for the first month. Slowly over the semester ...

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10 of the Best Places to Nap at University of Alabama

If you’re a college student that has a busy schedule, it can be difficult to get all the sleep necessary to...

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15 Frugal Student Activities in Toronto

From struggling to pay the exorbitant rent to religiously scanning the newspapers to look for free Subway c...

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15 of the Best Places to Eat Near Cornell University

It’s great and all that Cornell has 10 all-you-can-eat dining halls and is ranked #3 for “Best Campus Food”...

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10 Best Places to Eat Near UCLA

If you’re looking for some new eateries to try out in Westwood this quarter, I recommend you check out some...

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14 Arts Programs Cut from University of Alberta

A leaked memo obtained by CBC News states that the University of Alberta is cutting 14 programs from the Fa...

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