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Are you looking for some help getting better grades in college?

More than 2.2 million students have used OneClass to improve their grades, and over 90 percent of users have improved by at least one letter grade.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best solution for you. Below, we’ll break down some of the deciding factors about OneClass’ offerings and compare them to the value that they provide. Discover the impact that OneClass can have on your grades by weighing each resource to see if it’s worth it for you.

The Impact of Class Attendance of Grades

We’ve never had a college class where the teacher said, “Don’t come to class because nothing useful is shared.” While some teachers may weigh textbook readings or assignments heavily, class time is typically one of the most valuable aspects of getting good grades.

Class participation typically contributes 5 to 10 percent of your score in many college classes. However, the value of attendance goes beyond your participation scores. Lectures let you know a teacher’s methodology preferences, inform you on what material he or she prioritizes, and explain what’s going to be on the exams.

When a few researchers saw absentee rates ranging from 18.5 percent to 70 percent in college classes, they wondered if there was skepticism about the connection between class attendance and good grades. Their meta-analysis reached a solid conclusion about the impact of class attendance.

Class attendance appears to be a better predictor of college grades than any other known predictor of college grades, including SAT scores, HSGPA, studying skills, and the amount of time spent studying,” concluded the analysis. “Indeed, the relationship is so strong as to suggest that dramatic improvements in average grades (and failure rates) could be achieved by efforts to increase class attendance rates among college students.”

Filling in the Blanks When You Miss a Class

You know that you should go to class. Your teachers expect you to attend, and the research is clear about the significant impact that attendance has on your grades. However, everyone misses a class once in a while. Yet, you don’t have to miss out on the lecture material entirely.

With OneClass’ online class notes, you can find out what happened in the class that you missed. The notes are posted online by other students in your class, and you can download via an unlimited subscription. OneClass also allows you to upload your own notes and get gift cards or site currency that you can use to buy notes for the lectures you missed.

OneClass notes and study guides are also useful when you have trouble grasping the lectures in class. Sometimes, the professor moves too quickly; other times, you might have a hard time following the language style. Supplementing your own class notes with what was shared by another student can be helpful when overcoming the obstacles of learning.

Preparing for Exams

Even if you’ve been diligently preparing for your exams all semester, you might end up cramming just before the exam. When you’re really down to the wire, OneClass’ Study Guides provide summaries of the subjects and lectures that are relevant to your exam.

These Study Guides shared by your classmates can help you focus on the materials that matter. This is especially helpful when you’re short on time and have a lot of information to learn before your exam.

In a classic analysis of how focused studying affects student grades, researchers found that when students used a set of study questions to prepare for an exam, they performed 20 to 30 percent better on the test.

While the Study Guides on OneClass don’t follow a Q&A format, they focus on the important materials. They can be used to supplement your normal study plan and utilize your time smartly.

On-demand Answers

If you’re faced with homework questions that you can’t solve, they can act as information roadblocks, which prevent you from moving forward with learning the course material. When preparing for an exam or completing a major assignment, your grade might depend upon getting answers to material that you don’t understand.

Apps such as Solvit provide key resources to answer your questions while you’re studying. Post your question on the app and a community of students and subject matter experts will reply. Unlike other apps, Solvit doesn’t deliver the same stock explanations that you didn’t understand in the first place. Instead, it’s a forum where you can get an explanation that’s tailored just for you.

The app runs based on system “credits” that you earn when you answer questions, and you can spend them when you ask questions. For situations when you need answers fast, the “Express” option costs just $5, and you get an answer within 24 hours from a tutor who’s a Certified Expert.


The set of academic tools offered by OneClass can be the ideal solution when you’re cramming for exams, when you need a short-term fix because you missed an important class, or when you need a fast solution to a homework problem.

Not only can these online resources be used as short-term solutions, but they can also be extremely handy when used as part of a semester-long study plan. Consider how it could take the pressure off to have these resources available from the first day through the final exam.

Over 90 percent of OneClass users improved by at least one letter grade. Like millions of students around the world, you can use class notes, study guides, and homework help through Solvit to improve your grades and study smarter.

Learn more about how OneClass can help you succeed in college.

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