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The e-learning platform OneClass has helped more than 2.2 million college students get better grades with shared online class notes, on-demand homework help, exam solutions, study guides, and more. In fact, the platform’s resources are so helpful that more than 90 percent of users have improved by at least one letter grade.

To make such a big impact, the OneClass team has grown to become a major global employer. Find out who the heroes are that help students succeed.

Who Works at OneClass?

In 2010, OneClass was started by four fellow classmates, Jack Tai, Kevin Wu, Jackey Li, and Maggie Peng. They grew OneClass into a thriving platform. In 2018, they were named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Today, more than 150 staff members work at OneClass’ Toronto HQ and in offices around the world.

However, the office staff is only part of the story of OneClass. More than 100,000 student note-takers have contributed to OneClass, contributing lecture notes and study guides to help their fellow classmates get better grades.

Why Does OneClass Pay Student Note-takers?

Not all online platforms pay students to upload their lecture notes, but at OneClass, we see a twofold benefit to paying student note-takers.

First, being a note-taker is a great side job that can help students pay for their education. The student debt crisis is a major factor in today’s economy, and note-taker opportunities are in alignment with goals of academic achievement and income.

Second, when note-taking is a student’s job, the quality of the shared documents improves. As a result of paying student note-takers, the value of the online resources improves, which helps all students to learn better.

Can Anyone Become a Paid Note-taker?

Yes! Anyone can become a paid note-taker by following OneClass’ community guidelines. When InStyle talked to co-founder Kevin Wu, he explained that, “note-takers typically fall into two camps.”

On one hand, casual uploaders may upload sporadically or in large batches at the end of the semester. Sometimes, they’ll even go back to a previous semester coursework to upload those notes to earn some money from their previous hard work.

Then, there are the official note-taker positions. OneClass currently employs about 600 to 700 of these top-tier note-takers through the Elite Note Taker program, and their earnings are three times more than that of casual note-takers. The potential earnings provide incentive, and there are standards that must be followed including committing to upload class notes each week throughout the semester.

All OneClass note-takers go through a brief application process, and Elite Note Takers may need additional qualifications or demonstrate success as a note-taker.

How Much Can Your Make as a OneClass Note-taker?

Earnings will vary based upon whether you’ve earned Elite Note Taker status and the end of semester bonus that’s based on how well guidelines were met.

To date, OneClass’ highest earning note-taker has taken home $2,500 over three semesters, or about $200 per class!

Andrea Silvera, a UC-Davis student studying applied mathematics, told Reader’s Digest that she naturally took detailed, handwritten notes, and the OneClass note-taker position seemed like a perfect fit. In less than a year, she earned $1,500 from uploading her notes.

In some courses, Silvera’s notes have helped about a third of her classmates. She knows her work is affecting people’s grades, so she adds relevant diagrams or graphs that the instructor provided, as well as additional explanations that could be helpful.

Moreover, student note-takers typically see their own grades improve. As a result of the increased attention during class and the process of reviewing notes after class, some students can see up to a three-grade improvement after becoming a note-taker.

Learn More about Becoming a OneClass Note-taker

Do you want to join the OneClass team? Learn more about how OneClass employees are making a difference, and be sure to check out the open positions.

We’re always looking for qualified student note-takers, and additional student jobs can include subject experts, study guide specialists, and student mentors.

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