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Top 10 Dorms at Adelphi University

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Drew Pierce
A great way to succeed while at school is to pick a residence hall that is a good fit for you. This will raise your GPA and lower your stress levels. Here are the top 10 dorms at Adelphi University! 

1. Chapman Hall

Chapman Hall is one of the smaller dorms that is on campus. Although the size may not be large, there are still plenty of resources here for you to use. This will make your time on campus much more enjoyable.  adelphi university dorm Address: 1 South Ave

2. Waldo Hall

Waldo Hall is another pretty small residence hall that you can choose. You will have a great time living here because the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. This is a coed dorm that offers single and double rooms for you to enjoy.  Chapman room Address: 1 South Ave

3. Residence Hall B

The largest residence hall on campus is Residence Hall B. This is where a vast majority of the freshmen students live during their first year at school. There are hundreds of students that live here every single semester.  Residence Hall B Address: 1 South Ave

4. Residence Hall A

The smaller version of Residence Hall B is Residence Hall A. This is a dorm that is open to students of all ages. This is also a coed dorm that offers single, double, and triple rooms for you to live in.  Residence Hall A Address: 1 South Ave

5. Earle Hall

Earle Hall is home to all of the students that get admitted into the honors college. If you are an honors student, you will be able to live here. This will give you the opportunity to live with your peers that have similar interests.  Earle building Address: 1 South Ave

6. Eagle Lofts

The first off-campus option that you have is Eagle Lofts. This area is a cool place where you can live to have a bit more freedom in your life. You will also save a lot of money if you choose to live at this location.  eagle lofts Address: N/A

7. Westwood Village

Westwood Village is an awesome complex that is located very close to the main campus. You will be living less than two miles away from a majority of your classes. This is a very important aspect for you to keep in mind.  Westwood Village Address: N/A

8. The Tides

The Tides is a fairly new complex that is located about five miles away from campus. Since it is pretty new, you will have access to some of the best resources in the area. Some examples include gyms and printing access. The Tides Address: N/A

9. New Haven

New Haven is yet another cool option that you have available off campus. If you live here, you will be a part of a great atmosphere that loves to have fun. You can stay with two or three of your closest friends here.  New Haven Address: N/A

10. Hawthorne Apartments 

The Final great option that you need to keep in mind is Hawthorne Apartments. This complex provides you with a safe and fun environment to live your life. If you live here, you will be in good hands.  Hawthorne building Address: N/A  

Here is your Packing list for Adelphi University

1. Room Basics

dorm room - Doormat - area rug - desk lamp - garbage can - shoes

2. Food and Drinks

some fruit - Bottled water - fruit - groceries - bowls - utensils

3. Tech and Entertainment

netflix logo - Cell phone - computer - chargers - extension cord - Netflix

4. School Supplies 

a white binder - Pencils - pens - folders - binders - calculator

5. Cleaning and Organization

kleenex box - Wet wipes - paper towels - shoe rack - vacuum - Kleenex

6. Campus Gear

red backpack - Backpack - walking shoes - water bottle - umbrella - jacket

7. Things to Ask About before Bringing

some pets - Pets - big furniture - printer - space heater - hover boards  Packing for college? Read on here on how to start packing and shop judiciously: Shopping & Packing List for College Dorm here. You can also download the list below:


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