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10 Easiest Courses at Adelphi University

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Trevor Mahoney
Though college season is still a ways off, it is never a bad idea to look forward and plan for courses to take. This search can prove tedious and difficult, however, with so many options. Easier classes are a necessity for students looking to pad their GPA and make their course load far lighter. Therefore, listed below are the ten easiest courses you can take at Adelphi University.

1. BUS 205 - Life in the Financial Markets

During this introductory level course students will focus on the financial sector. Emerging markets, equities, commerce, and other financial aspects will be closely examined. Furthermore, these factors relationship with current financial crisis will be looked at.Bills used in finance.

2. COM 208 - Newswriting 1

Through in class workshops and preparation materials students will begin to learn the basics of newswriting. By reading newspapers regularly students will learn to critically assess these for credibility. Reading these documents will also teach students about the clarity of writing.Newspaper representing topic

3. COM 345 - Animation

This beginner level course will teach students the fundamentals of animation. By learning various tools and techniques utilized during the animation process students will develop new skills. Tools will be employed to help with learning such as Photoshop, After Effects, and more.Computer used in animation

4. EAS 156 - Climate Change

This interesting course takes an extremely modern approach to the changing climate of the world. Students will examine modern climate and natural weather patterns of the past to predict future change. Furthermore, mitigation and impact strategies will be looked at.Earth where climate change occurs

5. ECA 490 - Directed Readings

This course will focus on a close relationship between instructors and students. During the course guided readings will occur during the class times. Periodic meetings between instructors and students to examine the reading will also occur.Reading material representative of a classroom

6. EDT 611 - Learning with Video Games

The potential role of video games in conjunction with learning has been something of a debate over the years; something this class hopes to change. Genres, game theory, and design will be looked at and how those elements factor into games. Learning principles contained in games will also be dissected and applied to the classroom.Video game console device

7. ESC 468 - Sports Medicine

Theoretical concepts in exercise physiology will be applied during this introductory course. Performance altering factors in exercise such as drugs and health issues such as heart attacks and their impacts will be examined. Conditioning and training will be heavily focused on as well.Stethoscope used in medicine

8. MPS 635 - Hypnosis

The examination of the art of hypnosis and its possible medical applications will be looked at during this course. Students will also examine the idea of pain management and hypnosis as a possible solution. Furthermore, treatment modality of hypnosis will be largely focused on.Figure at spiritual peace through hypnosis

9. PHI 292 - Philosophy of Peace and War

During this introductory course students will focus on religious and philosophical traditional causes of war and peace. The subsequent possible justification of war for those reasons will also be examined. Additionally a more modern stance on whether or not terrorist attacks are motivated by these same reasons will also be looked at.Ying and Yang

10. SPA 111 - Level 1 Spanish

This beginner level course is the perfect way for any students to get their foot in the door in terms of learning another language. Introductory topics and grammar skills will be the main focus of the course. Reading, writing, and culture will be largely focused on as well.The flag of Spain

Easier classes are essential for any students looking to receive a little breathing time during the year. Taking easy classes to meet requirement, where major specific or not, is a must. Simply adhere to the list above and feel all your stress and worries melt away in the face of a comfortable class schedule. 


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