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10 Hardest Classes at ACPHS

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Drew Pierce

When attending a school, it is good to know which classes are easy and which classes are difficult. This will be very beneficial for when you have pick your classes. Here are 10 of the hardest classes offered at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health!

1. CHE 211 - Organic Chemistry I

The first hard class is Organic Chemistry I. Chemistry is a very hard scientific subject, and this class is known for stressing students out. Avoid this class if you have the option. 

some beakers and test tubes

2. PTP 525 - Nephrology

Another hard class is Nephrology. Nephrology is a special branch of medicine that specifically targets the kidneys. This is such a niche class that it can be very difficult. 

3. SOC 120 - Intro to Public Health

One of the more difficult entry level classes is Intro to Public Health. This is because there is a lot of work required of you on a daily basis. Do not take this class unless you want a ton of classwork. 

terms related to public health in a wordcloud

4. PSL 331 - Pharmacy Skills Lab I

If you are on the pharmacy track, one of the hardest classes that you will have to take is Pharmacy Skills Lab I. You will do a lot of hands-on work that can be quite demanding. Be sure to keep that in mind when choosing classes. 

a working pharmacist talking with a customer at the counter

5. PSC 311 - Biochemistry

A higher-level class that is offered to you is Biochemistry. This is a pretty niche area of study, but you may cross paths with this curriculum down the line. However, you should try to avoid it because it requires a lot of work from you. 

Strands of DNA

6. CYT 770 - Clinical Practicum

One of the larger classes is the Clinical Practicum class. This is a more hands on class that will help you prepare for the real world. Although this class can be pretty beneficial, it is very time consuming and challenging.

a working clinic

7. CLK 807 - Intro to Institutional Pharmacy

If you want to get into the corporate side pharmacy, you will probably have to take Intro to Institutional Pharmacy. Although this is an introductory class, you will still have to do a considerable amount of work. 

shelves of medicine in a pharmacy

8. BHS 760 - Advanced Topics in Biotechnology

Advanced Topics in Biotechnology is one of the most complicated classes offered at this school. This is because the entire premise is very hard. You will also have to do a lot outside of the classroom that will keep you very busy. 

an animated strand of DNA

9. CLK 799 - Introductory Community Pharmacy

Another intro class that can be very challenging is Introductory Community Pharmacy. You will learn about how pharmacies influence the surrounding communities. This is an interesting, yet challenging class to take. 

a person sorting medicine in pharmacy

10. PSC 312 - Molecular Biology

The final hard class at this school is Molecular Biology, In general, this is a tough subject that can be very draining. Be sure to steer away from this class in order to not have too much stress in your life. 

some floating molecules including a DNA strand


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