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10 Hardest Courses at ARC

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Elizabeth Mathu

College life at American River College can be entertaining and challenging at the same time. It can be fun due to student lifestyle and freedom. Various clubs and societies keep students occupied and entertained. Some have hard terminologies, many week assignments and tough concepts to grasp. The hardest college classes require an exclusive approach that students find it difficult to cope up with. Majority of these classes are mandatory, and you can’t progress to the next level without taking them. Here are some of the hardest college classes to watch out;

1. DESGN 100 - Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

A student learning CADD

If you have no basic knowledge of computer, hold back from this class. It is an introduction to computer-assisted drafting and design and basic technical drawing. It covers the orthographic and isometric projection concepts. The concepts are hard to grasp, and classes are boring.

2. DESGN 299- Experimental Offering in Design Technology

This is a highly technical course beyond the capacity of many students

Use of drones and the way they operate has been rocket science to many students. They do not know the science behind it. This course introduces you to both the ARC and FAA rules for flying drones for use in the building design and construction of industries. You learn new topics that are hard to understand.

3. MATH 25 - Computational Arithmetic

This Course requires a strong mathematical background

Mathematics has never been a favorite subject to many students since time immemorial. The same case applies to American River College. The course introduces you to the fundamentals of arithmetic with an emphasis on computational skills.

4. MATH 402 - Calculus III

Calculus 3 is pursued during the final year

This course has messed up with GPA of many students. It is a continuation of MATH 401. If you don’t have prior knowledge of MATH 401, you are advised to abstain the class. It involves the application of calculus that makes many students freeze.

5. ACCT 101 - College Accounting

This course is a mixture of theory and maths

As there is still demand for professionals in today’s accounting sector, students shy away from this course. It is among the most dreaded classes in American River College. It covers the accounting cycle for service and merchandising businesses. The class has some terminologies and computations that students find it difficult to grasp.

6. CISP 300 - Computer Info Science- Program

You need a prerequisite in computer programming

This course introduces methods for solving typical computer problems using algorithm design. It covers programming plans and detailed design documents. It is hard for students who have no prerequisite know-how in computer programming and design.

7. PHYS 310 - Conceptual Physics

This course covers several branches of Physics

The course has a lot of mathematics and physics. For you to register for it, you must have taken MATH 32. You will encounter topics like motion, gravity, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, light, and atomic and nuclear physics. If you are not keen when the professor is teaching, the classes will be boring.

8. SOC 301 - Social Problems

Some concepts used in studying social problems

If you want to mix learning with partying, this course is not for you. It examines contemporary social issues in the US within a theoretical and global context. It has a lot to cover. Learning about the past sometimes may make you feel bored.

9. BIOL 102 - Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology

This course entails the study of the human body

The course examines body systems from an anatomical and physiological point of view. It covers all the basic anatomy and physiology of all the body systems. It is a significant course for many science programs.

10. PHYS 421 - Electricity and Magnetism

This course has a history of low pass-rates and dropouts

If you aim to have a higher GPA,keep off from this course. It has a lower pass rate and many students retakethis course. It is a major for students who want to pursue engineering. Toexcel in this course, you must have a prerequisite in more than two otherclasses.

Some of the hard classes are majors, and you cannot skip them. The only way out is to commit themselves and consult their professors whenever they are in a fix. America River College has produced prominent people in society. They have passed through the system, done the hard courses and emerged victoriously. The toughest classes in college demand a lot of commitment.


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