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Top 10 Hardest Courses at American University

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David Mello
American University is situated in the capital city of the United States. With such a rich city surrounding it, AU is one of the best colleges on the entire east coast. Courses like these help make AU's reputation a rigorous one.

1. PHYS-470 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics are an incredibly challenging subjectQuantum mechanics is a subject that could go over a lot of people's heads. Physics, as a whole, is one of the hardest majors a student could get into at any school. American University embodies some of these very challenging courses in the realm of physics.

2. RELG-145 - Religion Without Borders

Religions are an important part of the world culturesReligious classes can be very existential and require a lot of critical thinking. This particular course also requires a lot of out of the classroom learning. This global perspective edge to the course can bring a lot of challenge to students.

3. MKTG-250 - Fundamentals of Marketing and Business for Communications

Business and marketing are inseparableThis course is available to many different majors, including marketing, business, and communications. Because of this blend of subjects, this course load can get very rigorous for students. One of the hardest parts is honestly keeping up with the reading.

4. MATH-022 - Basic Algebra

Many students are fearful of mathAt first glance, basic algebra might seem like it'd be one of the easier math classes at American University, but this is not necessarily the case. Basic algebra, at any college level, is exceptionally challenging. This is even more true for students who are not good at math and are merely taking it as a mandatory choice.

5. CSC280 - Introduction to Computer Science

Computer science courses always deal with coding and programmingIf you ever see a student spending a lot of time in the library or the tutoring center, there is probably one class they spend a lot of time on. Computer science is a very rigorous major to take and this intro class is a hard first experience with the subject. Many students drop out of the major after experiencing this first course.

6. ECON200 - FA4 - Microeconomics

Economics is always connected strongly to business growthEconomics is a very hard subject and microeconomics is one of its more challenging services. Topics like taxation plans and circulation flow businesses are included in the rigorous material. The lectures for this course are primarily taught by Jeffrey Goode.

7. ACCT-341 - Intermediate Accounting II

Accounting requires a lot of statistical analysisAccounting is one of the more challenging subset of the many mathematics and finances courses. The class is also strongly connected to courses based on taxation. These real-world concepts integrated into the challenging subject matter account for a pretty hard course.

8. CHEM571 - Exper Biological Chemistry I

The chemistry of living things is complexSome of the chemistry courses at American are actually easier than one might be initially inclined to believe. However, this course is certainly a tough nut to crack. This is especially true since some elements of philosophy are included in the course.

9. BIO-240 FA5 - Oceanography

An orca dives under waterBiology is one of the more popular majors at American University. Many who study biology tend to go into the field with a love of marine animals. Therefore, oceanography becomes a required course for them and it is far from being an easy class to pass.

10. WRTG-106 - Intensive College Writing

Students write in their notebooksAt American University, writing classes are certainly some that expect a lot of students. Intensive courses for younger students are often built around seminar materials. The course is also a requirement for most majors.American University is one of the premiere academic institutions in Washington, D.C. And with these courses, it is clear that they don't skimp on a challenge. Students at American University often have their work cut out for them!


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