Every Computer science student will have to take CSE 110 as the first class of programming. The course consists of 3 hours lecture and one-hour lab section each week.  It includes basic Java programming and much more related to Java. Below are few tips which can help you to learn Java easily :

1) You learn more by helping others

Most of us have a common tendency of turning our heads towards forums or groups only when we need help. And again, a clear separation between the good programmer and rest that the formers visit these places more often to help others. This makes them learn more then they learn to get their problem solved by someone else. Within a team as well, help others to solve their problems. Believe me, understanding others’ problem in their context, investigating on that and providing solutions, will help you much more.

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2) You can learn from others’ code as well

Image result for learn from othersCoding is something that completely depends on a person. For the same program, there can be hundreds of codes possible. Every code is different. One way to learn new things in Java and be a good programmer is by looking at others code and learn new and different things from them. Logic of a code  is something which can differ from person to person and so it can help gain knowledge.

3) Keep proper spacing in your code

You should keep proper spacing in your codes. It is necessary as that spaces will look neat and makes easy for the other people reading your code. Also, if possible, write down a few comments beside the code so that one can understand what that syntax means. The presentation of your code should be good too.

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4) Follow blogs and respond

There are thousands of enthusiastic technology freaks around the world blogging their tech insights. You can see different perspectives on the same technology on blogs. Blogs help you gain a lot of knowledge. You can see both the good and bad about a particular technology on blogs. Follow the good blogs and respond/comment on posts with your opinion on that.

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5) Keep the technology trends

In the open source software development, technology trends keep on changing. By the time you get a good idea on a framework, it might become obsolete and some brand-new framework comes into the picture with a super-set of features. The problem which you are trying to solve with your current framework may be already solved by the new framework with a single line of configuration. So keep an eye on what’s coming in and what’s going out.

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Following and understanding the above tips can make you a good Java programmer and thus help you to excel in CSE 100. This class is all about Java. If you know Java and can make a good logic for your program, you are all set to go. Just keep your mind open and try to learn as much as you can.


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