Finals week

Even after months of dedication and hard work, your success or failure in a college class can hinge on a single, heavily weighted assignment — the final. To complicate matters further, ASU compresses all course finals into a single week. This may understandably seem like a recipe for stress and dread, but there are a number of ways to improve your performance during finals week.

1. It’s only revision time

The finals week is so hectic that you may not get time to learn new concepts. The exams are back to back and you get less time to study for certain courses. Therefore, the best thing to do is just to revise concepts before the day of your exam. No need to stress out and learn new things. If you have forgotten any concept then just leave it, Learning them at the last moment will just freak you out.

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2. Get some sleep

There are so many resources on campus available 24 hours – like the library, dining hall, etc. They encourage you to stay over there and study until late at night. But, this is one of the most dreadful things. If you stay up late, there are chances you may not wake up on time for your exam or you may even fall asleep during the exam. One more thing to consider is your health. Staying up late may reflect your health, so try not to be up late during the finals week.

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3. Stay away from distractions

Nowadays there are so many distractions in a student’s life. For instance, social media, parties, friends, etc. It is suggested to stay away from these distractions during the final exams. You should not use the social media for a while nor should you go partying during the finals week. Instead of partying with your friends, study with them whom you are comfortable with and you both can study together properly.

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4. Do some exercise

Exercise during finals week is an effective way to increase your memory. The research is compelling. Regular, sweaty exercise helps us think better by stimulating new brain cell growth, increasing connections between cells, and improving attention. An hour of vigorous exercise per day will allow you to focus better in school and while studying.

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5) Take some time for yourself

You may be so busy with studies and professors in the finals week that you may not get sufficient time for yourself. You may be so stressed out that you can’t even sleep well at night. It is suggested to take at least 30 minutes out of your busy routine and spend some time on yourself. Listen to your favorite music or go to a peaceful place nearby or watch the TV shows you like. As long as you take some time for yourself.

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A strong finals week performance may seem impossible. Set your worries and nerves aside, and remember to stay on task. Work hard, eat well, and make time to rest. Soon, finals week will be over, and you can begin your break confident that your grades will reflect the work you did all semester long.



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