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The Stretch program is a two-semester, six-credit-hour sequence of classes that “stretches” English 101 or English 107 over two semesters. These connected Stretch Program classes (WAC 101 followed by English 101 or, for international students, WAC 107 followed by English 107) provide students the opportunity for extended experience working with various ways of reading and writing. Students usually have the same teacher, work with the same group of students, and often even have the same classroom for both semesters.

Course Objectives for WAC 107

Stretch is meant to build a real writing community, since everyone has an entire year to work together to improve their writing. The Stretch Program is designed specifically for university students who lack experience with the style of academic writing required at ASU. Students can have good ideas and may be effective writers in some situations, but may have minimal training and experience with academic writing. Stretch provides students more time to develop effective writing strategies that they will use in all their university classes.

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What will you do in WAC 107?

Students in Stretch classes read the same texts and do the same kinds of assignments as students in English 101 or English 107. The extra time allows students to learn and practice a wide range of composting strategies, to help understand what techniques are appropriate for a particular situation. For instance, reading strategies (to effectively read textbooks,their classmates’ writing and their own compositions), invention techniques (to help students get started on their own writing), composting methods (strategies of organization), and revision and proofreading strategies (to help improve their early drafts of texts).

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Concepts involved in WAC 107

Students in Stretch Program classes take responsibility for their own education by being involved in a wide range of learning activities. Students learn best by writing, receiving feedback (from peers and their instructor), and revising texts. All this while keeping this rhetorical question in mind: What do we want our writing to do? During the 16-week semester, students will complete 4 formal written projects. Combined, the final drafts of these four projects should result in approximately 4,000 words (this is equivalent to about 16 pages using standard academic format). Additionally, a final reflection is required.

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WAC 107 is an introductory course for writing and basic English language. This is the easiest English course offered at Arizona State University. Stay focused, be prepared, and understand that this is just a different way to help you learn. For more details on English composition courses, click here.



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