First-year composition courses are required for every student at ASU. The first-year composition courses are 100-level courses and introduce foundational theories, concepts, perspectives, principles, methods, and procedures of critical thinking and writing. They focus on the development and practice of essential writing and literacy skills.

1) ENG 101

ENG 101 is a course for any student who has received a score of 470-610 in the SAT verbal section. This course aims to increase students’ ability to develop ideas, express ideas effectively, and engage different literacies. It gives special attention to expository and persuasive writing.

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2) ENG 102

ENG 102 is for students who have passed ENG 101 with a grade ‘C’ or better. It is designed to help students develop sophisticated, situation-sensitive reading and writing strategies. Students make arguments in formal and informal settings.

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3) ENG 107

ENG 107 is for students whose native language is not English. It is for students who have scored an 88 or more in Toefel IBT and 470-61o in SAT verbal. It has the same credit as ENG 101. It aims to increase students’ ability to develop ideas, to express ideas effectively, and to engage different literacies. It also gives special attention to expository and persuasive writing.

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 4) WAC 107

WAC 107 is the first English course offered to international students. It is for students who have scored a 510 or below in SAT verbal. This connected Stretch Program class (WAC 101 followed by English 101 or, for international students, WAC 107 followed by English 107) provides students with the opportunity for extended experience at working with various ways of reading and writing.

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5) WAC 101

Students in Stretch Program (WAC 101) classes take responsibility for their own education by being involved in a wide range of learning activities. Students will best learn to write by writing, receiving feedback from peers and their instructor, and revising texts.

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Above are the few first-year composition courses for students at ASU. These courses are assignedbased on which type of student you are, international or resident, and your grade in English in the junior and senior year of high school.



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