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Arizona State University, Tempe, is spread over approximately 600 acres and has a student enrollment of almost 50000 students. There are more than 1000 clubs or organization on campus for each and every type of student. Here are some popular and the most active clubs and organizations at ASU :

1) ASU outdoors club

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This club has almost 500 members enrolling every academic year and it organizes its outdoor events almost 2-3 times per week. They take for hiking, rock climbing etc. with 20-25 attendees every time. This club has a rent of $25 per semester and $40 per year. In return, you get thousands of dollars of free rental, so many trips and much importantly, great friends.

2) The underground foundation

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TUF is committed to providing supporters of underground and independent music more accessible to the things they love. This club is for: Listeners of diverse music, poets, designers, artists, musicians, film aficionados, and everyone else. TUF engages in philanthropic activities, promotes local and touring bands, organizes poetry slams and art shows, and puts on other independent arts-related events.

3) ASU cycling

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ASU cycling club consists of everyone who has a similar interest in cycling. Their main mission is to spread the knowledge of cycling and maintaining their healthy lifestyle with the help of cycling. Also, the Cycling club competes in the Southwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (SWCCC) and we send riders to national championships every year.

4) Programming and Activities Board

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PAB is one of the most important and large-scale organizations at ASU. It plans the most of the events on campus such as concerts, fairs movie screening and now this year, they have started organizing the game day so that more students can get involved in the games too.

5) Dumbledore’s Army and Sun Devil Quidditch

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Are you a harry potter fan? It doesn’t matter! This club required no knowledge of Harry Potter. This club organizes many sport-related events but in Harry Potter style.

ASU, as told above, has more than 1000 clubs at every campus for each and every student. The main motto of these clubs is to get involved in the university and finding great friends on campus for you. Choose the club that is the best fit for you and which you really love it.




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