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Every computer science student will have to take CSE 120 as the basic course for digital designing. CSE 120 includes number systems, conversion methods, binary and complement arithmetic, Boolean algebra, circuit minimization, ROMs, PLAs, flipflops, synchronous sequential circuits. Below are the top concepts in brief :

1) Logic signals and gates

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While the binary numeration system is an interesting mathematical abstraction, we haven’t yet seen its practical application to electronics. This chapter is devoted to just that: practically applying the concept of binary bits to circuits. What makes binary numeration so important to the application of digital electronics is the ease in which bits may be represented in physical terms.

2) Number systems, arithmetic, and codes

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This is a very important concept of CSE 120. It will teach you all the number systems and the different types of codes. A computer science student and an electrical engineering student will definitely need to learn this course and especially this concept.

3) Boolean algebra and combinational logic

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The outputs of Combinational Logic Circuits are only determined by the logical function of their current input state, logic “0” or logic “1”, at any given instant in time. The result is that combinational logic circuits have no feedback, and any changes to the signals being applied to their inputs will immediately have an effect on the output.

4) Combinational Circuit synthesis

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It is illegal to specify multiple assign statements to the same wire in a synthesizable code that will become an output port of the module. The synthesis tools give a syntax error that a net is being driven by more than one source. However, it is legal to drive a three-state wire by multiple assign statement by Combinational circuit synthesis.

Textbook usage :

Introduction to Logic Design

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Laboratory Manual: Digital Design for the Laboratory: Hardware and Simulation. Also, the prerequisite for this course is CSE 180.

Above is everything you need to know about CSE 120. It includes, the prerequisites, the concepts, the textbook involved.  Other than the information provided above, This course is a bit challenging one. You need to be focused and need to know all the basic concepts of CSE before enrolling in it. Good Luck!



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