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Every year, there are many students that look for interesting and easy courses to take ASU. Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at ASU!

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1 – MUS 354: Topical Music

The topics change every semester, from Elvis to women in rock, but what doesn’t change is that young easy “A.” Bonus: it’s online.


2 – PPE 240: Intro to Yoga

This is a yoga class for beginners. Not only does it help your GPA, but it helps your stress levels throughout the semester. There’s nothing like a 50-minute break in the middle of the day to stretch, strengthen, and smell some sage.


3 – ENG 394: Topical Literature

This class is a literal study in fan fiction, and it’s all related back to Lord of the Rings. You play video games, watch movies, and argue quite loudly about nonsense.


4 – DCE 124: Intro to Latin, Swing, and Ballroom

Easy? Yes. Embarrassing? Also, yes. This class is led by the sweetest of professors and you get to learn Latin, Swing, and Ballroom dancing. It’s also gender-inclusive; each person learns to both lead and follow!


5 – REL 374: Witchcraft and Heresy in Europe

For those of you who hate tests, this class is the class for you. Not only is it pretty badass and wildly intoxicating, but the only thing required the whole semester is essays. Not bad for an upper-division.


6 – FIN 123: Financial Literacy

This one is best summed up by a friend who said, “I finished the entire 3 credits in two hours.” Maybe not the best if you actually need help understanding your finances, though…


7 – THF 160: Intro to Storytelling

Have you ever told a story at a party once while you were drunk? Then you can take this class.


8 – ASU 101: The ASU Experience

This is one of those mandatory classes that everyone has to take, unless you transferred from a community college or another university. If this is you, you can always go back and take this class as a GPA boost. It teaches you how not to flunk out, and if you are in need of a GPA boost this badly, maybe it could be good for you? Here are the top concepts you will learn when taking ASU 101

9 – FAS 331: Marriage and Family Relationships

Extra credit, no final exam, interesting topics. So long as you can do discussion posts, you should definitely be able to keep your head above water in this upper-division.


10 – FMS 200: Film History

Besides the fact that most of the film professors are notorious stoners, film classes are the easiest classes to take because that’s all there is to it, watching movies. This one fills up very quickly so make sure you sign up early!

11 – ENG 107: First-Year Composition

English 107 is the first­ semester writing course for students for whom English is a second language. It aims to increase students’ ability to develop ideas, to express ideas effectively, and to engage different literacies. It gives special attention to expository and persuasive writing. Here are some awesome tips to survive ENG 107



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