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CSE 230 is a high-level Computer science and Electrical engineering course at ASU. To register for CSE 230 as a course, you need to pass CSE 120 or CSE 200. Basic Knowledge of computer science is very much required here. There are many concepts in this class but below are top few concepts which can give brief idea about CSE 230.

1) Data representation and arithmetic

Data is represented and stored in a computer using groups of binary digits called words. This concept begins by describing binary codes and how words are used to represent characters. It then concentrates on the representation of positive and negative integers and how binary arithmetic is performed within the machine. Concluding with a discussion on the representation of real number and floating point arithmetic.

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2) Performance

Performance is a very important factor when selecting a computer. There are many people who choose a device by keeping the performance in mind but only a person who has studied can actually know its performance. CSE 230 gives the liberty of teaching the performance and students can understand the metrics of performance and throughput, and quantitatively compare two computers.

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3) Single-cycle implementation

All instructions have same clock cycle length – they all take the same amount of time regardless of what they actually do. To achieve this, the cycle time (the inverse of the clock rate) is set long enough that the slowest of the implemented instructions have enough time to complete.

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4) Multi-cycle implementation

Contrary to the single cycle implementation here we do not have to replicate any functional block/unit that is used twice by an instruction. For example, we can use the same memory to read an instruction in one cycle and then read/write from/to it in a subsequent cycle for loads and stores.

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5) Pipelined implementation

Pipelining is an implementation technique where multiple instructions are overlapped in execution. The computer pipeline is divided into stages. Each stage completes a part of an instruction in parallel.

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Above are the top 5 concepts in CSE 230. The above points describe exactly what we learn from CSE 230. Although you may not seem interested in this class at first, it is a great class to take. Make this class as a great experience and you may find that you actually enjoy it!



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