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Tempe campus is a great one. You will get all that you need in such a large campus. There are many great facilities that serve students and faculty members as well. Besides the excellent academic facilities, you have facilities for sports, fun, dining, and of course ASU stadium. There are many more things to look forward to at Tempe campus!

1) Restaurants

The Tempe campus at ASU is pretty big. It’s spread across almost 600 acres and has so many things, among them: restaurants. There is a wide variety of on-campus along with off-campus restaurants. All of them,  are great with awesome ambiance. Compared to the other ASU campuses, Tempe has more food variety and much more to offer.

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2) More classes to offer

Compared to the Downtown and the Polytechnic Campus of ASU, there are a number of majors and classes offered at Tempe. A few majors such as Computer Science are only taught at ASU Tempe. Although not everyone is admitted to the ASU Tempe campus, it is a very different atmosphere from other campuses.

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3) Events

EVENTS, EVENTS, AND EVENTS. The Tempe campus is so big that there is always some or other event happening on the campus. You can find a live music stall, Food Fest, Engineering fair and so much more. It is a great experiencing living at the Tempe campus.

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4) Tempe as a location

Tempe as a location has a lot more to offer other than the Tempe campus. There are so many things to do in Tempe, such as visit the Tempe Marketplace, Botanical Garden, etc. One of the best things at Tempe for ASU students is the Mill Avenue. The nightlife over there is something to talk about.

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5) Career Fairs

Being ASU‘s main campus, Tempe has one of the best career fairs too. There are so many companies visiting campus that choose the best students and give them the deserved opportunity.

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The above 5 points make the Tempe campus the best place to live. In terms of courses and perhaps social life, Tempe Campus definitely has more options. It depends on what major you are looking at to be able to say which one is better.




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