Being an out of state student can be rough. There are many differences between the experiences of those who are in state vs. out of state at any university. The area is unknown, climate could be very different, and the transition to college is that much harder! ASU is no exception. This is for all you out-of-state students.

1. Missing Home


Missing your parents, siblings, pets and own bed is inevitable when choosing to attend an out of state university. However, the amount and frequency of homesickness by take you by surprise. It definitely comes and goes in different levels and there will be times you will need to just call your mom to chat!

2. The INTENSE Heat


Ok this is a tough one. It is very hard to get used to the Arizona heat. It does indeed cool down in the winter, but in summer at the beginning of the academic year, it is almost unbearable to just walk from class to class. Sunscreen and hats are a must!

3. The Food


Being out of state, you do not have the nice perk of going home for a family dinner on the weekends. Therefore, you have to hang out in the dining halls for the whole semester. After the first week, the food gets old. Of course during the tour season the food quality increases, but throughout the year it gets old very quickly.

4. The Water Quality


The water here is kind of gross, especially being from the PNW. Tempe water just tastes slightly off, so buy bottled water if you can. Even the people who have grown up here do not like it. Of course, there will be times when the heat here just gets to you so make sure to have a stock in your dorm! Adding fruit to the water can definitely help if you need some flavor.

5.  Gridlines


The whole city is set up very uniquely with all the roads forming organized square miles. They are very consistent and flat, which makes it quite easy to get around and get a feel for the area. This is vastly different from the curving, forest covered areas.

6. Fast Paced City


ASU and Tempe in general have a very fast paced vibe. People are always doing something and there is so much to do. This makes it hard to manage time well and stay organized, but you will definitely feel the speed when you are here.

7. Consistency in Weather


The weather is pretty much always nice. It is sunny everyday even in Fall and Winter. This consistency can get boring at times, but if it’s sunny and feels like paradise over storms, it is worth it! Make sure to have your cameras ready to snap shots of the sky at times. It will not let you down!

8. Opportunities


Being in such a large city, ASU offers so many opportunities to its students. Being out of state, you make think it would be hard to find your likings and events for you, but there is so much happening it is quick and simple to find something fun to do.

9. Transportation


Without a car or people to know in the area, you might be worried how you will get around sometimes. As a college student, you do not want to spend all your money on Uber or Lyft. It is nice to see that ASU offers free transportation through their ORBIT bus system. Traveling to the airport is easy as well with the light rail.

10. Geography

You may be used to green trees, fresh air, and rain. Here at ASU it is so dry and the nature all seems to have the same redish hue. Sunsets are absolutely gorgeous here pretty much every night. It makes for the perfect instagram shot with those palm trees!

Despite all these new things to adjust to, being an out of state student is pretty cool! It allows the opportunity to start a new life and build a new, second home. Although, as much as Tempe can steal your heart, there is nothing like traveling back home for a nice break.


Emma Marie Martz

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