Food for an ASU student is a priority. Students at a US university participate in classes, assignments, clubs, sports, jobs and so much more. They are always busy and when they are not they are hungry. To give food support students, ASU has dining halls all over the campus so that you can have a meal, if having a meal plan, anywhere on campus. Below are the ratings of the dining halls at ASU Tempe campus.

1) Barrett

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The Barrett dining hall is the dining hall for all the students at the ASU enrolled in the honors college. It is not possible for a non-Barrett student to have a meal over there unless you have a friend over there who can swipe you in. You should definitely go once to the dining hall at Barrett and try the food. So far, it has the more varieties of food and the best food you can get on-campus.

2) Manzanita

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Manzanita is the dorm for the students studying Liberal studies. This dorm is located on the University Drive Road. People generally prefer to go to Manzi rather than other dining halls because the food you get over here is decent enough with the good amount of varieties and moreover it’s less crowded. It has got better pasta, as the pasta is much better cooked and the thing which differentiates Manzi with the other dining hall is that it serves Eggless Ice-cream. There are very few people having a meal over there so that you can study while having your meal and not getting disturbed.

3) Pitchforks

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Pitchforks is the dining hall located at the memorial union. Pitchforks serve much better Pizzas and sandwiches than other dining halls. The sandwiches they make have more sauces to put in and also the variety of bread you get is more over here which makes it more delicious. Also, this is a nice place to hang out with your friends  or make new friends because there are many people having a meal at Pitchforks.

4) Tooker house

Image result for tooker house asu dining hallTooker house is the dorm for all the engineering majors. This is the newest building built, opened in the fall of 2017. Tooker house’s dining hall has the best interior so far. The new sofas with the charging point, Comfortable chairs, and the technology at the dining hall are few of the new facilities you can get to see. The food is pretty much okay but you can get good varieties of food over here. The pasta here is good along with the Vegan section having better food than other dorms.

5) Hassayampayampa

Image result for Hassayampa Tampa asu dining hall

The last dining hall you may find is the Hassayampayampa hall which is for the students of WP Carey school of business. The ambiance is good over here and that’s the number 1 reason why students come over here to eat. Otherwise, you may find many of your friends here as this dining hall is always filled with students. The food you get is basically the same as the other dining halls but preference wise, other dorms have more varieties than Hassayampayampa.

In conclusion, all the dining halls at Arizona State University, Tempe campus, has basically the same menu. But, what matters is the freshness, variety and the taste of the food. According to those factors, Above is the rankings of the dining hall you may find . Enjoy your life at ASU 🙂



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