CSE 110 is the introductory programming class which teaches you how to program stuff in Java. Every Computer science student will have to take CSE 110 as the first class of programming. The course consists of 3 hours lecture and one-hour lab section each week. The lab section is equally important as the lectures. Here are few tips to do good at the CSE lab

1) Download The software before

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Every student learning Java should be having a software named as Textpad or Eclipse in their laptops. This is usually said in the first lab lecture but you should download it and go to the lab so that you can do the programs with the TA starting from the first day and also you can practice on it during the lectures and at you home.

2) Learn the theory

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It is said that Programming is all about practical work. This statement is partially true. It is correct that to be a good programmer you have to program stuff but to start programming you need to learn the basic theory like the basic Syntax, few rules, and statements to be learned. Little bit of theory and more knowledge over the practical work can help you to become a good programmer.

3) Submit on time

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Submission on time is very important in all subjects. This is more important in CSE lab work because the only thing you need to do in the lab is doing assignments and these assignments are usually due on the same day of the lab. Students usually get lazy for stuff like this but these submissions and submitting on the given date and time is what which can earn you points and help you score well in CSE.

4) Practice at home

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You can never become a good programmer or excel in programming by practicing the programs given in the class and copying from the sample programs. Practicing outside the class can help you develop logic and make your mind more sharp so that you can face the new and tough programs easily in the lab.

5) Never Copy

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Coding is something in which everyone gets tempted to copy. This is because you may think that 90% of the codes are the same as they give the same output. But NO! it’s not at all true. One can easily find out whether this code is copied from someone else or it’s your own logic by the way it is written. ASU has strict rules for plagiarism so do not even think about copying.

Above are few tips for one who has registered for the CSE 100 class and who are looking forward to the lab class of it. Programming is really interesting and you may even love it if you practice more and stay indulged in it.



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