The business field has grown so much in this century than 85% of the world wants to study Business and the rest 15% wants to get some overall knowledge about Business. Students like those can choose minors or certificate courses so that they can study business along with their major in which they are interested more. Below are few minors and certificate courses you should consider to choose if you are interested

1) Applied Business Analytics

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This is a certificate course which is for the students who like to use the computer and computer-related tools to analyze data, managing data and providing sophisticated tools but easy to use means to manage and analyze data. This course gives exposure to predictive analytics and modeling, big data, deep insight into the advanced usage of the computer tools.

2) Business

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This is a minor studied at the WP Carey School of Business. Students who are interested in knowing business but have some more interest in the other major, tend to choose business as the minor. Business minor covers a broad range of topics that are important to managers, such as Accounts, Economics, Finance, Management etc.

3) International Business

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International business is a certificate course which helps the students to learn about the economy of the world and the global business. Its main aim is to develop competence in a foreign language, foreign cultures, awareness if global-social processes and mainly the understanding of global business, its operations, and rules.

4) Leadership in Business

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Leadership in business also is a certificate course which is designed to help students the concept of leadership in business and to understand how the development of their leadership skills will impact their professional development. The objective of this program is to help the student develop a strong set of skills necessary for success in a dynamic workplace, skills that include communication, teamwork and collaboration, and problem-solving.

5) Sports Business 
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The certificate in the sports business is an innovative curriculum designed for BS students in the W. P. Carey School of Business. This course mainly gives the foundation in the marketing and the sales as it is applied to the sports business discipline. The certificate prepares students for success by complementing coursework from a degree program with specialized business knowledge in the sports business area of interest.
Above are the top 5 business minors usually students at Arizona State University tend to choose. WP Carey School of Business is one of the most reputable business schools in the US. Minors/certificate gives a great chance by choosing courses from the business school. So if you are interested in studying anything related to business, the above list can help you.



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