CHM 101 is the general chemistry course or we can say the lowest level CHM course Arizona state university offers. It is generally used to earn basic credit if needed. This course is adapted to the needs of students in nursing and kinesiology and those preparing for general chemistry. Below are the few outcomes you can see after passing this course,

1) Solving the basic equations

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There are many equations included in chemistry. You need to solve equations for getting many chemical formulas and also you need to solve to get the molecular mass, molar mass, and other things. Solving those equations are to be learned; not everyone can do it. This class helps you to solve them with great tricks that may be helpful to you in future.

2) Know the periodic trends

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As we know that chemistry involves atoms, elements and molecules and all of those have their own periodic trends. Major periodic trends include electronegativity, ionization energy, electron affinity, atomic radius, melting point, and metallic character. To study about the chemical bonds between atoms and molecules, knowledge of periodic trends is must, CHM 101 gives the knowledge of periodic trends and also this concept is one the most important ones in CHM 101.

3) Learn the laws of chemistry

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In general, the chemical laws are laws relevant to only chemistry and chemistry related stuff. There are many chemistry laws but the law which is most commonly used is the Law of conservation of mass. Law of conservation of mass states that the mass is neither created nor destroyed in chemical reactions. In other words, the mass of any one element at the beginning of a reaction will equal the mass of that element at the end of the reaction.

4) Balance and create reactions

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Balancing and creating equations is one of the most complex and important concepts studied in CHM 101.Before balancing, equations are to be created and later balancing is taken place. Balancing of equations means that the coefficient of the element or the molecule on the reactant side should be equal to the product side too.

5) Actual problem solving skills

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The most interesting thing done in this class is applying the skills you have learned above in real life and solve the problems and difficulties that arise on your own. After learning how to do the above-mentioned things you’ll be asked to show these problems solving skills. To apply these problems solving skills, you are given few assignments and projects which will test these skills.

Above are the few objectives of CHM 101. The course, CHM 101 is the entry-level course for chemistry used to meet the general credit criteria. Although it is an entry-level course, it is a bit difficult course which involves hard work and interest in chemistry.




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