College life can be very hectic. You have classes, homework, social life and much more. At ASU you’ll be doing all of this and you need to balance it so that none of the above-mentioned things do not get disturbed. There is a 99% of you having back to back classes and classes that have breaks of an hour or so. Below is a list of a few places you can go between classes on campus to just hangout:

1) Memorial Union

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There is a building called as Memorial Union which is the center of the Tempe campus. Wherever your class is, MU is always nearer to it. Most of the students choose this place to hang out between classes as it has everything one can need. There are places to eat like the Dining hall, Subway, Burger King, Jamba Juice and many more. There is a study area where you can eat and study together. Games, meditation room, TV room and many more places to keep you entertained.

2) Library

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The library is also a good place to sit between classes. There are 2 libraries on campus: The Hayden Library and the Noble library. You should go to any of those libraries which are nearer to your classes. You can study over there, read books, just sit and chill down, anything. If you have to complete some homework before class, the library might be the best place for you.

3) Starbucks

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There are so many Starbucks around on campus. The best thing at Starbucks is that you might meet someone you know sitting over there. Just grab a coffee and meet your friends or make new friends. If you don’t find them, just open up your laptop and watch Netflix. Starbucks is always a cool place to chill. There are Starbucks everywhere on campus, especially wherever the main classes are.


Image result for coor hall computer lab asu

The COOR hall is generally a lecture hall. But outside the lecture building, there is a big glass room which provides you Computers and AC. If you want to get rid of the scorching heat of Arizona, go to COOR and do some of your work. You can also call your few classmates from your upcoming class and have a meet over there discussing studies and probably the projects you have got.

5) Gardens

Image result for asu garden

There are many beautiful gardens around the ASU Tempe campus. Most of the gardens have big trees giving shed and benches to sit. You can always sit over there between classes and do some of your work, eat food, use your phone or might just look at people passing by. There is a garden called as a ‘Secret Garden’, where no one will bother you, so you can have some time to yourself.

Above are few places which are most commonly visited by students between classes. It’s obviously not effective to go back to your apartment or dorm if you have a break of few minutes. So instead of doing that, try these places, you might get a change and enjoy some of them. All the best 🙂



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