GLG 101 is the Introduction to Geology course, which can be taken in person or online. This course basically examines the materials of earth’s physical environment. For an engineering major, you might have to select a Lab Science class in the second semester. Below are some course concepts that can help you decide whether to enroll in this class or not.

1) Natural hazards and disasters

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Natural disasters are the natural events taking place in the earth’s crust. These are generally earthquake, volcanoes, floods, etc. which negatively impacts people and the earth. A natural hazard is a disaster which has not yet been occurred. It is just a warning for a disaster which is going to come in a short period of time.

2) Fossils

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As we all know that fossils are the impressions, preserved main or trace of any living body which was present on the earth’s surface years and years ago. GLG 101 talks about few fossils and from how did it come and whom does it belong to. Fossils are one of the most important topics in this class and there are many interesting new facts about fossils you may learn from this course.

3) Energy resources

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One of the most important concepts of this course is Energy resources. Energy resources are basically the estimated maximum capacity for energy production given all available resources on Earth. You may learn about the different types of energy resources available on the earth. You may talk about much more in-depth topics related to these.

4) Principles of natural world

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This topic is important not only for the course, but for your life too. It teaches us how to use the resources from the earth’s crust so that it doesn’t harm human beings and also doesn’t affect the earth’s crust. These principles are very much informative and also interesting to learn about.


Image result for Exploring Geology, by Reynolds, Johnson, Morin, and Carter, 4th Edition.

This textbook (4th edition) is important for this class. You may get it as an E-book or you can just buy it or rent it from the Campus Bookstore to make your work easier. Reading this textbook will help you increase your grade and also will give you a lot of knowledge regarding the Earth.

Above is a glimpse of some important course topics as well as some extra information on the textbook in GLG 101. Finally, GLG 101 Introduction to Geology, is an easy course which can definitely be your GPA booster. If you are interested in knowing more about the earth, this course is the best fit!



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