The Fulton School of Engineering holds quite the diverse group of students at ASU. There are total of six  schools and a plethora of opportunity to get involved, meet new people, and make an impact with your education. Engineering definitely takes a lot of work, but there are some surprises along the way. These are the ten most surprising things you wouldn’t expect as an engineering major at Arizona State University!

Tutoring Centers

There are so many free tutoring centers on campus. Yep, that’s right… FREE! So, there really is no excuse to not ace those calculus or physics exams. It is very convenient to have a tutoring center right outside your classrooms. It is quite the surprise at first to see so many centers around campus, but it has shown to be really helpful and convenient. Also, if you go to tutoring, it is much more likely that you will become a tutor yourself at one point!

Free Stuff

Within the engineering side of campus, there is a main building dedicated just for engineering students. It is called the Generator Labs and holds so many work spaces for different types of engineering projects! Along with this is free stuff. This includes stickers for ASU spirit, engineering prototype materials, and of course coffee! This is perfect for those late nights you need to study for tests with groups.

Get Involved Right Away

As a freshman just beginning your engineering journey, you may think you cannot get super involved. Fulton at ASU makes this so easy however! Engineering majors get to choose from so many opportunities to get involved in their first semester. It can be overwhelming with all the choices, but if you pick one or two you are really interested in, it is very easy to get involved with other engineers to keep yourself busy.


Along with opportunities, there are many clubs that you would not expect at first part of Fulton. It does not matter which specific engineering discipline you are though! Fulton Ambassadors, Engineers Without Borders, and Fulton Student Council, are examples to just name a few. Each one is unique and focuses on using engineering knowledge to make a difference both on campus and in other parts of the world. It is so cool to see yourself making a difference when you join Fulton!


This may come as a surprise, but it is actually a lot easier than you would think to perform research at ASU! As an engineering major, FURI is a program that allows undergraduates to obtain money to perform an kind of research they want with a professor. If you have any sort of particular interest within your major, all you have to do is apply and the majority of students are accepted!

Study Abroad

As an engineer, many people think there it just too much work to have time to study abroad. However, ASU makes sure all the engineering students at least have this chance. There even is an office devoted to engineering student affairs to get involved with studying abroad. They help students find time within their semester schedules to continue pursuing their degree but also travel somewhere they have always wanted to. College is the perfect time to explore and travel, so Fulton Schools ensures this is available!


The professors are busy just like the students, but at Fulton they care a lot about students’ success and well being. They hold many office hours and are willing to extend extra hours to fit a student’s schedule. Some students may be intimidated at first to talk with professors, but they really want to get to know you! At ASU, engineering students will be surprised by how much professors can help them get involved on campus!

Engineering Library

Noble Library is known on the ASU campus for engineering majors. Students in Fulton will find how nice this is for studying or working on group projects. It works on the green, yellow, red light system, where the first floor is meant for talking, the second is somewhat quiet, and the third floor and completely silent for studying. It will take you by surprise how much time you will end up spending here… it is the engineers’ second home!

Switching Majors

All engineering majors will find it super easy to switch between majors. Some colleges have strict guidelines to staying within a certain major, but Fulton ensures students have the ability and time to explore other engineering majors in order to find the best one suited for them. Freshman and Sophomore year tend to have very similar core classes for engineers, giving students time to explore and pick which specific major they wish to pursue.


At ASU, engineers are not ALWAYS studying. Sure, there is a lot of work, but you will be surprised by how many friendships you make! ASU is a very large campus, especially with many engineers. With all the ways to get involved, clubs on campus, and events held for engineers, you will make great friends and form unbreakable bonds. It is a great experience!

Now that you have become more versed in the Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, you can see what an amazing place it is to study. There are countless support systems on campus and people to reach out to. You will never feel bored or not know what to do, as there is always something engineering related on campus. If you are deciding where to go to school or are considering ASU for engineering, it is definitely a place to look in to!


Emma Marie Martz

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