Going to a completely new place, maybe new country and getting used to its new system can be difficult. You definitely need some help who can set you up at ASU. ASU has multiple student resources which can help you throughout your journey at ASU. Few of the most important student resources which you will need the most are stated below :

1) Tutoring center

Arizona State University wants its students to succeed in the field they study. They are willing to help every student if the student asks help. That is the reason they have started the tutoring center throughout the whole campus. There are tutoring centers available which can help you with studies on almost every important subject. There are many tutoring centers on-campus so you can approach anyone near you.

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2) Writing center

Writing center and tutoring center are different. Over here, you can ask for help to improve your English language. ASU has a very much diverse enrollment so there are students coming who don’t even know the English language fluently. The writing center helps them in the language and motivates them to succeed. Also, some of the ENG professors give you extra credit for going to the Writing Center and ask help for your essays.

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3) Intercampus shuttles

One of the most used resources by the students might be the intercampus shuttles. Arizona state university has almost 5 campuses throughout Arizona and there might be chances where one of the classes might be in a totally different campus. These intercampus shuttles take you to whatever campus you need to go free of cost. Also, these shuttles have free Wifi so that you can complete your work while traveling.

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4) Student employment

There are many students who think to work on campus to meet their educational and living expenses. Some feel that working on campus makes their experience at ASU even better and stronger. The skills and practical knowledge you get by working are more than you get by learning by sitting in the classes. That’s why the ASU student employment helps you to apply for jobs which can be the best fit for you.

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5) Health services

ASU offers almost all kinds of health services. There are more than 20 physicians and nurse practitioners who take care you whenever you need them. There are labs to test blood, X-ray and lab service, in addition to acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, and nutritional counseling from licensed wellness providers.

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All the above on-campus resources can help you a lot. These 5 locations are some of the most beneficial to Arizona State University students. Try to go to any one of the above-mentioned resources, It is definitely useful. All the best with your studies and Go Devils!



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