Social media has now been an important part of the people especially the young students and small children. Interestingly, its been an integral part of the Organizations and Universities too. Arizona State University, following the new trends, also has started with Instagram pages which can help the students to stay updated with what’s happening on the campus and other important news. Being a Sun-Devil, following are the few Insta pages to follow

1) Arizona State University

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The main page of Arizona State University, @arizonastateuniversity, gives you an outlook of the university through pictures and great captions. You can see some amazing spots on-campus, few events going on and also videos answering some commonly asked questions. The pictures you can see on the page are very beautiful and you may find out some interesting places on campus to study or hang around.

2) ASU housing

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Arizona State University housing, @asuhousing, is the main page for the ASU housing team. You can find all the fun facts and pictures of all the dorms at Arizona State University. You may find some tips that can help you live on-campus. Also, look up to this page more often as they always post pictures describing some cool events happening in a dorm.

3) ASU student life

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ASU student life,@asustudentlife, gives you information about the student life at Arizona State University. You can see many motivational pictures, student experiences on this page. Moreover, all the campus events and all the information which can be beneficial to students is posted over here. If you are a Sun Devil, do not forget to follow this page.

4) International Students

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This is page especially for International students,@asuissc, where you can find everything for international students. How to take a step further, all the questions and meetup organized by ISSC can be found over here. There might be few questions regarding your immigration status at ASU and your visa, follow this page to get your answers cleared.

5) Athletics

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Arizona State University has many strong sport teams. Follow @sundevilathletics to get more information about the different types of games being played at ASU and you may also sometimes find some old pics from old games which might be fun to watch.

Above are the 5 top Instagram pages of  Arizona State University. If you are a Sun Devil follow these pages to get the updates to you faster. Since social media and especially Instagram has been very much popular, most of the information is being posted here. So do follow to be updated!



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