There is nothing like the best four years of your life, typically referring to the college years. This is known for making your lifelong friends, finding ways to save money, studying, and also representing your school! School spirit is such a fun aspect of university life, but at times those bookstore T-shirts are way too expensive. So, here are some cool ways to show school pride and save those pennies.

1. Free Shirts at Games

It is not only a fun outing with friends to head to sports games, but you even get free gear! A lot of sporting events at ASU such as football games, basketball games, and hockey games will have a ton of free giveaways. Usually, there are those gold t shirts you can keep your eye out for. These are totally free and a great way to show your spirit at the next game!

2. Tattoos at Devils on Mill

Especially during football season at ASU, there will be tailgate events near Mill street which is right next to campus. They have free food, giveaways, and full of spirited people! There is always a station to grab some temporary tattoos that feature Sparky the Sun Devil, the classic fork and ASU letters. It is a stylish and cool way to show your school pride.

3. Walmart

The prices of official school gear can be very expensive. It is so much fun to wear the school “swag”, but usually stores like Walmart are slightly off campus, but have gear. On top of that, they are priced way better and are a out a quarter of the price you can get somewhere on campus. There is a Walmart on campus at ASU and has great prices for fan gear and shirts!

4. DIY Shirts

All the free shirts you get are great, but at times they may not have your size. The smalls and mediums always go so quickly, so you may find yourself walking away with an XXL. Don’t donate it though next time this happens! There are awesome ways to ‘DIY’ the shirt and make it into a cute crop top and rolled up sleeves or even cut vertical slits in the bottom to tie it up.

5. Events SDFC

The Sun Devil Fitness Center is known for all the workout classes and huge facilities. Furthermore, it has plenty of events that have free sun devil swag giveaways. There are events about health and fitness where you can play games and win free gear! It is the perfect way to become more knowledgable about campus, or even get a quick workout in.

6. Hayden Lawn

Hayden Lawn is usually filled with tables and people spreading awareness during the weekdays. If you go there during lunch time any weekday there are most likely some giveaways or tables with free gear. People are trying to spread news about their clubs, get survey information, or talk with the student body. They will have giveaways such as ASU bags, shirts, and school supplies to flaunt as you walk back to your dorm!

7. Memorial Union

The Memorial Union is known to be the center hub of campus. It is pretty much in the middle of everything, and therefore has pretty much everything you need to be a true Sun Devil. Almost daily, they will have the desks at each corner filled with free ASU pens and stickers. It is quite the fad to decorate your dorm room or laptops with stickers, so you can add these to your collection to show your school spirit.


8. Sign up Online/Social Media

Social media is huge these days, and ways college students reach out is by connecting on apps like Instagram. Most clubs will have free shirts and bags if you sign up for their accounts. For example, the 942 club is known for representing all ASU teams at sporting events. By just following their Instagram account, you could receive a free clear bag that has ASU figures to bring into all the stadiums!

9. Body Paint

If you don’t have the shirts or foam finger, you can always DIY ASU spirit for yourself! Body paint is pretty cheap on Amazon (you get a student discount for Amazon Prime!), and what better way to prepare for a game than painting Sparky! Getting a group of friends together to paint a letter for each person to write ASU is a great, low cost way to show how proud you are to be a Sun Devil.

10. Sparky Posters

Sparky is known all too well at sporting events and around campus. Everyone wants to get a picture with the intimidating Sun Devil. If you ever want to try and get on TV at sporting games, make posters featuring Sparky in your own way. It is easy to create and campus supplies posters and markers to draw it. Bring it to events with your friends and show them how it’s done!

School spirit is something that all students should really try and encompass. It can be hard show all the time, especially when the cost of certain items is high. Don’t let this discourage you though, as there are still plenty of other ways to represent your school! Hopefully you think of some of these before the next big school event.



Emma Marie Martz

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