CHM 113 is the basic course in chemistry at ASU. Students generally prefer to take CHM 113 in the second semester of engineering course to fulfill their lab requirement. CHM 113 generally has the Main principles of Chemistry Adapted to the needs of students in the physical, biological, and earth sciences. Following are the few concepts which you may study in the CHM 113 lecture.

1) Matter and measurement

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Chemistry, overall, is the study of matter and the changes take place. All the matter in chemistry has physical and chemical properties. The Physical properties are defined by the scientists and chemical properties are natural. In chemistry, measurements need to be very much accurate. CHM 113 will teach how to take measurements, you may learn about the units and mainly the matter.

2) Thermochemistry

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Thermochemistry, as the name suggests, deals with the quantities of heat evolved during a chemical reaction. For a chemical reaction to take place, there is some gain or loss of heat taking place. The study of heat change is mainly thermochemistry. Thermochemistry is an important concept in CHM 113 and it’s a bit complex, so work hard over here.

3) Periodic trends

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Periodic trends are the trends of elements in a periodic table. As we all know, a periodic table contains groups and periods which decide the nature and behavior of the elements. These are called periodic trends. Studying the periodic trends is very important for studying chemistry. This is the firsts thing you should study when you start studying for CHM 113.

4) Chemical formulas and equations

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Chemistry is moreover formulas and equations. If you look at it, you won’t be able to do anything if you don’t know how to make chemical formulas, how to make chemical equations and how to balance them. CHM 113 teaches you everything you need to know about this.

5) Atoms, molecules, and ions

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The basic thing to understand in chemistry is the difference between Atoms, molecules, and ions. Firstly, ions are positively charged or negatively charged. They cannot be both or neutrally charged. Atoms are is the smallest unit in chemistry. Combining atoms together makes a molecule.

Above are the few concepts with its summary you might study in CHM 113. CHM 113 is not a hard course, it’s pretty easy. If you are looking to select a science course just to fulfill your lab science requirement, give CHM 113 a try.



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