MAT 266 is the Calculus III course at ASU. This is the last Calculus class one can have at ASU. Calculus III is the toughest class out of all the 3 Calc classes. Its main concepts are Methods of integration, applications of calculus, elements of analytic geometry, improper integrals, and Taylor Series. Below are the concepts in detail ;

1) Integration

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Integration is the most important and the toughest concept in Calc III. It is generally the computation of anti-derivative. The main thing to learn in this concept is the computation of anti-derivative with the use of different methods such as numerical integration, integration with parts and substitution.

2) Applications of Calculus

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There are generally less real-life fields where calculus is really used but there are few fields like Differential equations and the second is called integral calculus. Differential equations are generally the study of behavior and rate and how differently the quantity changes with the study of derivatives. And, other is integration. Integration is basically the inverse of a derivative.

3) Analytic Geometry

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Analytic geometry is the type of geometry which uses algebra to solve the problem involving coordinates and planes and all. If studied properly in class, Analytic geometry is a very easy concept and can be counted as the bonus point in calc 3 as it is very easy to study and score.

4) Improper integrals

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Improper integral is generally a normal integral but with both the sides as infinity or one of the side approaching infinity. Improper integrals cannot be computed using the normal method. There are special methods taught over in this class which will help to solve the improper integrals.

5) Taylor series

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Taylor series is the series of functions of an infinite sum of terms that are calculated from the value of the function particular derivative at a single point. It is a very important method to study where the functions cannot be computed directly. Taylor series helps in computing them very easily.

Above 5 points are the general concepts and the main objectives of MAT 267, Calculus III. Moreover, Calc III is one of the difficult classes one can take at Arizona State University. If you are very much clear with the concepts of Calc I and Calc II, only then you should select it. All the best!



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