Applied Business Data Analytics is a certificate course at ASU which requires 18 credit hours, is available to all majors, And at least 12 credit hours must be upper division. This course is very useful to students who are interested in the applications of computer-based tools which require for analyzing of data. Below are the classes required to complete the certificate program ;

1. Computer Application and Information Technology (CIS 105)

CIS 105 is computer applications and information technology which introduces information systems from a business perspective and uses the application of software especially the spreadsheet packages and the database for problem solving. CIS 105 is a very interesting course to study especially for CS students who are very much interested in analyzing data.

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2. Advanced Excel in Business (CIS 308)

CIS 308 is one of the most unique and interesting classes ASU has offered till now. It is basically covers the use of advance excel skills for different types of decision making and analyzing the data with the help of spreadsheet, different types of graphs and different types of charts excel offers us. CIS 308 is a prerequisite which needs to be completed before enrolling into this class.

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3. Business Process Management (CIS 309)

CIS 309 is all about business process management. You are taught to make flowcharts, making diagrams and the simulation process with the new technology on hand. These methods are very important before starting the procedure of analyzing data because they give us a rough idea of the whole process and we can easily follow it when its the time to analyze data. This class also has some prerequisite classes to be completed before enrolling into it.

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4. Business Project Management (CIS 311)

CIS 311 is also a Business process management class. It is basically the upper level class of CIS 309. For getting good grades in this class, it is very important for the student to have the concepts of CIS 309 very much clear. This class involves overview of project management and mainly the analytics which can be helpful for problem solving and decision making.

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5. Business Intelligence (CIS 405)

CIS is 405 is the last class to enroll in for successfully completing the Certificate course of Applied Business Data Analytics. This course is all about Business Intelligence. The technical definition of Business Intelligence is the technology , procedure and software for storing or gathering data and then analyzing it to provide the user with time to time information is called business intelligence. This is the most advanced course in this program and can teach the students so many new procedures and ways for analyzing data.

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Generally the Applied Business Data analytics Certificate course has the above mentioned  5 courses as the main courses to complete the course but you are also asked to take a any Statistics course which broadens the perspective of Data analytics and can help you to become more smart in this field. This course, Applied Business Analytics is one of the best undergrad course you can find. ASU is one of the very few universities which offers this course at a undergrad level.

The whole new generation is all about analyzing data and using the new technologies to do it more easily and quicker thats why student prefer to take this course. Concluding it, this is a very easy course only for those students who are interested in it. So definitely enroll in it if you are really really interested.



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