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10 Coolest Courses at Arkansas Tech

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Md Sadequr Rahman

Arkansas Tech University has always been providing students with the numerous courses every year. Let’s list out some cool courses that you may want to look upon. Hope this could be an informative article.

1. LBMD 2001 – Introduction to Library Resources

the students are researching about work

The practical course where students are provided with the knowledge to retrieve, evaluate and recite the research materials. This includes the students to write the research papers properly with the reference of the research materials provided. This course helps students to develop the research paper writing skills.

2. HA 2023 – Hospitality Leadership and Ethics

students getting ideas about how to behave with others

This course is especially designed to enhance the leadership skill of the students and to make a wise decision economically and in a socially acceptable manner. Students will get a chance to flourish their existing leadership and build the basics and fundamental aspects necessary for hospitality leadership.

3. MUS 1751 - Introduction to Music

students enjoying the music class

For all the music lovers, it is a great one to have a startup. Here the students are provided with the knowledge of the music history from the medieval age to the rock and roll era. It focuses on the contrasting changes in the music and relation with the different forms of art.

4. TH 2273 – Introduction to Theater

students attending the theater class

The theater is the place to reflect the environment through the art. In this particular course, a less focus to the performance, but higher importance to the scenic, dramatic and historic aspects are given. You can enjoy the course here.

5. GER 2013 – Intermediate German I

students are learning German language

If you are interested and fascinated about the German language then this course is designed for you. It focuses on the German language and makes you able to read, write and communicate in the German language along with the cultural aspects. Students are provided with an hour foreign language lab every week.

6. DE 4543 – Driver and Traffic Education II

the signs about the traffic rules

Anyone with a valid driving license can join the course. This course is especially included to give a safety traffic measures to the undergraduates along with the traffic education. This course includes administration, supervision and a research project.

7. CSEC 1213 – Wireless and Cellular Security

wireless security camera is being installed

Students are provided with the overview of the smart phone technologies, internet securities. This course also includes theoretical knowledge of wireless and mobile securities along with the practical experiences. As this is the era of technology, it has been mandatory to have the basic knowledge about what we use in our everyday life.

8. AGED 2104 – Introduction to Agricultural Systems Technology

the man showing how to use agricultural equipment

The main aim of this course is to clarify the students about the technology and equipment’s that has been practiced in the agricultural field. It provides students with the basic fundamentals of the agricultural mechanism with emphasis in the area of energy, power, and land measurement. Discussion about the future potential in the agricultural field, along with the interpretation of ideas are included.

9. RS 3004 -Medical and Psychological of Disability

getting idea about therapy in the water

Have you always been into caring the disabled personality? If yes, this is the course designed for you. Here students are provided with the knowledge about the treatment and care about the disabled conditions personality. Emphasis is given to the medical information, reports and everyday psychological adjustments.

10. MUSM 4403 – Education through Museum Method

people getting knowledge through visiting the museum

This helps the students to interpret the cultural resources, including interpretive techniques for preserving the essence of it. This course includes the project on managing special problems in a museum setting. It can be a perfect course for you.

So, you’ve already read about the cool and creative courses, and it’s up to you to choose any one that fascinates you. Be wise and be smart while choosing any course, have fun reading!


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