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Jobs for College Students at Arkansas Tech

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Francis Nyamu

Arkansas Tech University is a famous public institution in Russellville, Arkansas. The school is prominent for providing programs at different levels including the graduate and baccalaureate levels. Therefore, the institution is a competent campus with an ambitious spirit of overachieving. As such, the college focuses on not only education but also the future well being of the students. Arkansas Tech University operates student jobs, which learners seek to sustain their livelihood in school. Here is the list of the postings and opportunities at the school.

1. A Cook

 A student working as a cook

Usually, working a cook at the university is a full-time task. As such, students apply for this position during holidays. As a cook, you need to showcase your kitchen techniques thus ensuring that you prepare healthy and tasty meals. Besides demonstrating and improving your skills, students earn up to $250 while working as chefs.

2. An Assistant Professor of Mathematics

A scholar working as an assistant professor of Mathematics

As a Mathematics professor, you will demonstrate educational excellence in manipulating numbers. Besides, you will help students with negative attitude towards the subject by changing their mentalities. Traditionally, an assistant professor at Arkansas Tech University works part-time during the stipulated hour. Moreover, the students derive motivation from not only understanding concepts comprehensively as they teach but also from the basic payments.

3. Graduate Assistant

 Graduate assistants at Arkansas Tech University

Usually, graduate assistants at the institution work for four hours a day. The job description entails helping with evaluations and analyzing research for the precise faculty. Moreover, the job favors graduate students, whose work involves advising junior students as well. Majority of postgraduate students benefit from working as graduate assistants because they earn handsomely.

4. Peer Health Educators

Peer health educators at the institution

Peer educators work part-time educating their fellow students about issues affecting them and the community. Usually, applying for this position is quite easy. Moreover, the selection for the position is always definite because of its usefulness. Peer educators not only educate others but also acquire the necessary skills to interact with people in society.

5. A Volunteer Teaching Assistant

A student volunteering to teach students in the community

Besides working for payment on campus, students volunteer to perform other tasks as well. As a volunteer teaching assistant, you will work part-time on Saturdays and Sundays. Often, a volunteer teaching assistant helps tutor learners in the community during their class session and outside class. It is always a great experience to work with kids in the society as you help them realize their academic excellence.

6. A Volunteer, Event Host

Arkansas Tech University event hosts

Arkansas Tech University hosts a variety of events on-campus. Resultantly, students grasp the opportunity to pioneer the different programs organized. Usually, a student applies for the position, which he/she attains the position upon verification. Traditionally, students volunteer for event host opportunities because of the exposure it grants to them.

7. OneClass Online Note Taker

Take notes with and earn while you go to class. When you take Notes with, you not only gain but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.


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