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10 Easiest Courses at AASU

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Sammie Chung
College is a fun time for people to taste freedom and to explore new interests. However, it can sometimes be overbearing to try to handle a lot of different things. Whether you're a senior, a freshman, or in between, here is a list of the hidden gems at Armstrong Atlantic State University (now Georgia Southern University) that can help your GPA.

1. POLS 2001: Political History of America and Georgia

This 3 lecture hour course is geared to delve into the roots and development of American society from the timeframe of the 17th century to the modern day. The topics that it will cover include the political, intellectual and cultural effect on the American society. Focus will be on the political history of Georgia and the fundamental aspects of its constitution. It should be noted that this course is cross-listed as HIST 2001.A photo of an institution.

2. GEOL 2010: Introduction to Physical Geology

This 3 lecture hour course focuses on standard earth materials, dynamic processes of progress over the years, volcanos, the Earth's movements, and more. It is cross-listed as GEOG 2010, and lists the eligibility for MATH 1001 or 1111 as the prerequisites.An image of the Earth.

3. CSCI 1301: Introduction Programming Principles

This 3 lecture hour course examines the general basics regarding computers and programming. It will also place focus on topics including' data types, expression, methods, arrays, searching, sorting, debugging, and more. The listed prerequisite it MATH 1113.An image of a computer screen with codes.

4. ISCI 2002: Physical Sciences for Early Childhood Educators

This 3 lecture hour and 2 laboratory hour course is aimed to expose students to the core concepts of the physical sciences. The topics covered in this course include: properties of matter, basic chemical reactions, energy, fields, optics, space, and more. This course is geared more towards those pursuing a career in the pre-service elementary level. The listed prerequisites for this is MATH 2008, along with several other requirements.A photo of a child coloring.

5. PSYC 3070: Sensation and Perception

This 3 lecture hour course will examine the nature of sensory and perceptual processes. The course will approach the analysis of this through a experimental and theoretical approach. The listed prerequisite for this class is PSYC 1101.An image of a pair of glasses.

6. HSCC 3140: Epidemiology

This 3 lecture hour course is designed to better understand health and disease and how they are spread across the world. It will also examine the different patterns of them in different countries and across the globe. Topics covered in this course also include connections to various settings, such as those of the clinical, environmental, infectious diseases, and more.An image of a health care provider.

7. ANTH 1150: Global Perspectives in Anthropology: Peoples of the World

This 3 lecture hour course delves into the people around the world. Special focus is placed on examining these people through a cultural anthropological perspective, and also on the modern day challenges and difficulties. There are no listed prerequisites for this course.An image of a person holding a globe.

8. PSYC 3050: Child Development

This 3 hour lecture course is designed to examine the various parts of the psychology of the child, including theories, research, and previous applications. It will also look into the modern day literature regarding the perceptual, biological, emotional, and other additional areas of the development of a child. the listed prerequisites for this course is PSYC 2200 and 2950.A photo of a child on a swing.

9. LWSO 2000: Intro to Law and Society

This 3 lecture hour course looks into the challenges that society and the government face within the legal system in America. The course will be conducted through readings and discussions. There are many prerequisites listed on the course description page, but keep noted that only two from the list need to be taken prior to this course.An image of the word "law."

10. SCIE 1000: Intro Scientific Inquiry

This 3 lecture hour course is designed to provide a brief overview of the different techniques of science. It will delve into the progress of scientific thought over the years, and will pull ideas and concepts from chemistry, physics, and biology. There are no listed prerequisites for this course.A photo of a lightbulbWhile this list aims to provide you with a few potential classes to take, there are plenty of other courses that can also help your GPA. Whatever you decide on, best of luck!


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