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10 Easiest Classes at Ashford

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Sarah Hwang
Ashford University is the fifth-largest United States university by enrollment, this leads to an extensive variety of classes that are offered! If you're looking for some fun classes to take, or a GPA boost, you've come to the right place.

1. ART 101 Art Appreciation

This course provides an overview of the history of Western Art and the principles of art as they relate to society. You can discover personal interests through the research on historical or contemporary styles and themes in art.A picture of a woman looking at framed art. 

2. CAH 390 Introduction to Chinese Medicine

Have you ever thought about the alternative to Western medicine? Ever wondered if "Big Pharma" is truly ripping people off? Then take this course! The course explores the conceptual framework of Chinese medicine and will focus on how Chinese Medicine understands the concepts of health and disease.A picture of Chinese lettering and Chinese medicine 

3. COM 101 Introduction to Communication

If you've ever wanted to hone those communication skills and study humans and the way they interact with each other, this is the class for you! You will have an opportunity to examine the practical implications concepts in building their own communication skills as well as future career path.A picture of two cartoon people talking. 

4. LIB 101 The Art of Being Human

This class serves to show how humans came to be the way they are today. The course explores various ways human beings have expressed their understanding of the human condition through such cultural forms as mythology, religion, philosophy, and the arts. Learn more about how humans came to be they are today!A picture of a group of shadowed people.  

5. OMM 622 Financial Decision-Making

Are you awful with finances? Do you always wonder where your money goes? Are you always fumbling to pay bills? Then this course is perfect for you. Specifically tailored to those who are not business majors, you can become a financial wizard in no time!Money background. 

6. PSY 203 Psychology of Human Sexuality

With the changing ideals and new ideas that are popping up recently, if you feel the need to be informed about sexuality, you can take this course. If you want to learn about how these ideals came to be and the science behind it, this class is for you.A picture of a head with ideas flowing out. 

7. BUS 681 Compensation & Benefits

Any good business has good compensation and benefits. This course will teach you how to differentiate the good from the bad.A picture of a man given cash and presents. 

8. CRJ 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Always wanted to learn about the criminal justice system? This course involves an analysis of the criminal justice system focusing on the police, courts, and corrections.A picture of a gavel and handcuffs. 

9. CRJ 628 Terrorism: Threats & Strategy

With the state of the world at this current time, anyone is right to be informed. This course will teach you how to identify and determine the root of terroristic activities.A picture of military. 

10. EDU 608 Children’s & Young Adult Literature

You will explore contemporary literature for children and young adults at all levels. You will gain the ability to select and evaluate quality literature for children and youth.A picture of children opening up a book with pictures. This list has many classes that are interesting to any major, as well as classes that are so easy that "A" is the only grade you'll ever see. Ashford is mainly an online university, but these classes will have you stuck to the computer all the time.


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