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10 Easiest Courses at Asnuntuck Community College

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Arte'sia Watts
Are you going to be a college student this upcoming semester? Are you interested in taking some easier course. Well you've landed in the right spot. Here are 10 easy courses at Asnuntuck Community College to add to your schedule today.

1. ACC 100 - Basic Accounting

Are you interested in accounting for a business? An introductory for non-Accounting majors, and owners and managers of small businesses. In this course students will cover concepts, and principles of accounting. Students will also learn about the accounting cycle.a picture of money

2. ART 100 - Art Appreciation

This class is for art or non-art majors. In this course, students will explore the constantly changing world of art. Students will discover how this form of expression is defined and the varied ways in which it can be appreciated. Students will also visit galleries, studios, and museums.a picture of Mona Lisa

3. ART 111 - Drawing I

This studio course covers the basic elements, media and processes of drawing within a hands-on studio context. Students will address composition, value and perspective. You'll be drawing still-life, landscapes and will development manual and perceptual skills.a picture of a notebook and paint

4. ART 250 - Digital Photography

Do you enjoy photography? This course is a hands-on studio based class that introduces students to digital photography as a fine art and a means of communication.  Some topics include camera handling and creative controls, image editing and manipulation using Photoshop.a picture of a camera

5. COM 101 - Introduction to Mass Communication

This course will look at print media, radio, film, television, and new media. Students will use those structures to analyze their functions in society and others throughout the world. Students will also review films, television broadcasts, social media, and more.picture of computers

6. COM 200 - Social Media Marketing

That's right, a class that focuses on social media. In this course, students will look at Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Twitter, and other new technologies. Students will learn how to harness the power of user-generated content to create buzz.a picture of social media apps

7. CJS 120 - Police and the Community

This course covers the study, analysis and recommendations for reducing the severity of the major tension points between police and the community. This course presents an overview of the various aspects of community and other government agencies. Students will be taught the evolution of policing.a picture of police lights

8. ECE 109 - Science and Math for Children

Are you interested in teaching children? This course is designed to familiarize students with math and science activities and materials appropriate for young children. Students will learn to understand science as both a body of knowledge. This is great if you are interested in becoming a teacher for elementary or pre-school.a picture of children

9. ENG 172 - Sports Reporting

How cool would it be to be a sports reporter? This course introduces students to the fundamentals of sports reporting. Students will analyze sports reporting in print, broadcast, and online. Some topics include interviewing, writing and editing.a picture of someone reporting

10. ENG 210 - Fiction

This course examines fiction from different time periods, genres, and cultures. Students will examine intersections between fiction and a variety of topics such as critical theory, popular cultures, and history.a picture of booksTake some time to look over these courses and see if they fit in your schedule. Boost your GPA today. For more information and courses visit Asnuntuck Community college main page.


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