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Auburn University is all fun and games until you realize your major requires you to be up at the crack of dawn buried in books that cost you your left leg.

1. PHYS 7400: Statistical Physics

Just the name alone makes you want to run for the hills. The course description doesn’t help either. “Thermodynamic quantities, equilibrium ensembles for classical and quantum systems, fluctuations, phase transitions and critical phenomena” Yeah, no thanks

2. CHEN 7200: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

For the brave souls that choose to be an engineering major let alone a chemical engineer, hats off to you. I would not know the first step of thermodynamic equilibrium and stability or molecular thermodynamics but you gotta do what you gotta do for that career!!

3. CHEM 2090: Organic Chemistry

Ah the infamous Organic Chemistry, turn on any angsty teen movie and the nerds are in some lab discussing the bonds and whatnot of organic chemistry. The name probably turns people away because of reputation but in all honesty, it’s totally doable.

4. Phys 7350: Quantum Mechanics II

Anything with the word “Quantum” in it…bye

5. Math 2630: Calculus III

Vector-valued functions, partial derivatives, multiple integration, vector calculus. It’s Calculus…What more do you expect?

6. ECON 7330 Microeconometrics

As if Microeconomics wasn’t bad enough, what the heck is microeconometrics?? Try saying it 3 times fast.

7. BIOL 6260 – Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics

I’ve always wanted to learn about the acquisition and loss of genes leading to microbial evolution! Oh? What’s that? It’s at 8am too?? PERFECT

8. VMED 9590 – Musculoskeletal System

What happened to normal anatomy?? Do I REALLY have to spend an entire semester memorizing the muscles and skeletal system of mammals?

9. AERO 4720 Aerospace Design II

I’ll give this one some credit, it doesn’t sound too terrible considering it’s part 2 of the introduction to the principle of designing aerospace vehicles, but since when does aerospace vehicle designing fall under the category of “easy”?

10. BIOL 5600 Mammalian Physiology (Biomedical Physiology)

The description for this class literally says an in-depth investigation of the physiology of the major mammalian organ systems. OH JOY!!!



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