Here are some ways to get kicked out of the state. 10 things you will never hear at Auburn University!

1. “ I don’t really like sweet tea”

Okay, I’ve heard this once before but I mean…northerners just don’t understand that diabetes in a cup is just a way of life and that NO iced tea is NOT the same. You CAN’T just give me sugar packets!!

2. “Wow! All that construction is really finishing quickly!”

3. “I have too much money on my TigerCard, I’ll never spend it all so please just take it all.”

4. “Parking services are so hardworking, I really respect them.”

But really, they do work hard

5. “That train going by is so soothing.”


6. “It’s okay. I don’t need to rush, the transit will wait for me”

Don’t even get me started with the summer schedule

7. “Ugh, I’m tired of chick-fil-a”

Never going to give up my nugs

8. “Samford lawn weddings are so tacky”


9. “Bama has a real chance this year”

10. “ I can’t wait to leave”

Unless you want to feel empty the rest of your life…

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