Finals are not the only time the one should seek help in their classes. Staying on top of your work can help alleviate stress and help lead you to stress. The good news is that Auburn University offers many different options for students to receive academic help and guidance.

1. Miller Writing Center

The Miller Writing Center in RBD Library offers free one on one consultation for students. There are tons of appointment times and tutors that give their time every day. Whether you have questions on a lab report, essay, presentation, personal statements among others the tutors will help you with just about whatever you need. This is an incredible service that can definitely help you transform your writing to improve your grade.

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2. Study Partners Auburn

The Study Partners are located in RBD at the same place as the Miller Writing Center. This service is also free for Auburn students. Study partners specialize in certain classes and can help you understand what you may not have understood in class. Also, they can help you study for tests by explaining the concepts and problems to you in a friendly way.

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3. The Office of Academic Advising

This is one of the most useful places to go with a question regarding your schedule, classes, grades and generally just about anything academic. There are specific advisors for each major and often times they can be busy, so make sure to schedule an appointment before going.

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4. Tutors

Many of the study partners also double as a paid tutor  if you need more help in a subject. Say you enjoy working with one of the study partners you can pay them to tutor you privately. Tutoring is not something to be ashamed of and should even be encouraged.

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5. Take the “Study Smart” Course

This course is a non-credit academic boot camp for 10 weeks. It will focus on creating better habits to help one study and set them up for future academic success. If you struggle with studying or learning new habits this will be a great course for you.

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Clearly, Auburn University provides its students with tools to help them succeed. Offering many free options for students to reach out to if they need academic help Auburn University really wants its students to do the best they can.



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