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5 Best Places to Study at Auburn University

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It can be hard at times to find peace in your dorms often times with a roommate there. Whether they're watching television or playing video games you will be distracted. No one wants to study when they have the option of watching television or sleeping in their bed. Here is a list of the 5 best places to study at Auburn University.

RBD Library

RBD is the main library on Auburn's campus and is a great place to go and find peace of mind to study. The floors of RBD each have their own rules of noise levels. The first is the loudest and you can have normal conversations on this floor and as you go up it becomes quieter and quieter. The fourth floor is a great place to go if you  plan on reading with zero distractions. Also, there are rooms that are available in the library for you to rent for hours at a time and this can be a great way to discuss group projects or do work with friends around. Image result for rbd library

Mell Library

Mell is one of Auburn's newest buildings and it certainly looks like it. Connected to RBD library is offers another great places for students to go and study. With a Panera being built inside ready for spring 2018 this could be the best place to go and study. Similarly to RBD it offers 4 floors and each has their own quiet levels. The rooms in Mell are harder to rent as there is more of a demand especially around midterm and finals season. If you are lucky enough to have a class in Mell then you will experience the modern feel of the classrooms. Many of which have screens built into the whiteboards, which are great for doing practice problems on. Image result for rbd library

Samford Hall Lawn

This is one of the most relaxing places to go study on campus. Right in front of Auburn's most popular landmarks on the lawn of Samford is a great place to relax and study. Many people go there and bring a blanket or towel to sit on and some even bring their own hammock to hang up between trees. On a nice day it is common to see many people out there on the lawn and it is a great place to discuss group projects as it feels more creative than inside a classroom. Image result for samford hall

Dorm Study Rooms

Almost all the dorms at Auburn feature their own study or conference rooms on each floor. With many people not knowing about these they can be a great place to gain your focus and really hit the books. These are another great place to get together to practice for a group project as it feels similar to a classroom environment inside of them . Image result for dorm study room

The Quad's Lawn

In the middle of the quad is a great place to study as it has beautiful nature surrounding the area. It is located in the middle of the lower Quad dormitories. Just be sure to bring a blanket or towel to sit on and your books and you are all set for a great study session. Image result for quad auburn These are just a few good places to study on campus. If the library is not your spot, then look towards the other options featured. Maybe even find your own spot, wherever you feel that you can focus and do your work successfully and efficiently works!


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