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Top 10 Residences of AUT

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Lauraanna Quinting

Auckland University of Technology is a university in New Zealand. There is a total enrollment of about 27,000 students. There are plenty of different housing options to see at the university all having to do with campus community and meeting new people. Here are 10 to get you started.

1. Wellesley Student Apartments

 this is the Wellesley Student Apartments

Address: 8 Mount St, Grafton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

These apartments are the campus accommodation for the downtown area. It makes it easy for those that have classes downtown to properly be in close vicinity to where their classes are. They are a brisk 5 min walk to the downtown campus.

2. Akoranga Student Village

 example living of the Akoranga Student Village

Address: 42 Akoranga Dr, Northcote, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

The village is made up of 40 different townhouses that can hold a little over 200 students. You have access to everything you could need to be self efficient. You have a toaster, freezer, oven and even dinnerware. This makes it easy to make your own meals while also being close to the school.

3. Empire Apartments

Welcome to Empire Student Accommodation.

Address: 21 Whitaker Pl, Grafton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Empire Accommodation offers rental space that includes hot/cold water, microwave/fridge and utensils. There is a cafe you can visit for your coffee and snackage needs. There is also wifi and site management. If you feel like there is any problems feel free to call security.

4. Bianco Off Queen Apartments

Bianco Off Queen Apartments

Address: 2 White Street, 1010 Auckland, New Zealand

Bianco Off Queen have a modern and classy look . All the apartments feature a kitchen , laundry facilities and a TV. Each day the guest has access to 1 G of free WiFi. The great part about the apartments are that they are in vicinity of plenty of restaurants and museums.

5. Adina Apartment Hotel Auckland Britomart

Adina Apartment Hotel Auckland Britomart

Address: 2 Tapora Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

The location of the apartment complex is near great restaurants and farmers markets. You can choose from a studio apartments, premier, and regular apartments. You have access to a kitchen , dining room for entertaining and a laundry area.

6. Princes Wharf

 Princes Wharf have a water view nearby

Address: Princes Wharf 139 Quay Street, 1010 Auckland, New Zealand

Located within 300 feet of Viaduct Harbour in Auckland, Princes Wharf - Private Apartments has free WiFi, a seating area and a flat-screen TV and an area for making your own meals. You also have your own dishwasher and microwave.

 7. Star Queens Serviced Apartments

 Star Queens Serviced Apartments have great views

Address: 438 Queen Street, 1010 Auckland, New Zealand

This is located in Auckland. It has city views and the wifi is free. You have a partially furnished place with a sofa, kitchen, own bathroom, and a washing machine. This makes it easy to have everything at your fingertips . You also have a dishwasher, oven and microwave.

 8. Unilodge on Whittaker

Unilodge on Whittaker

Address: 5 Whitaker Pl, Grafton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

The Unilodge is modern student living. You can choose from many comfortable studio apartments that have access to wheelchairs. The best part of living in the apartments that include utilities that includes fridge/freezers, microwaves and cook tops.

9. Princeton Apartments

Image result for Princeton Apartments new zealand

Address: 30 Symonds Street, Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand.

This apartment complex has a coin operated laundry facility. It is near shops and entertainment venues. There is a Korean Restaurant inside of the apartment which makes it great for having guests visit, as there is a food place right there.

10. Imperial Gardens Apartments

 Imperial Garden 2 Bedroom Apartment

Address: 135 Hobson Street Auckland, New Zealand 1010

The Imperial Gardens Apartments have kitchen access that are equipped with a microwave, fridge, stove top and a dishwasher. There is a separate dining area that is meant for those that are looking to entertain. There is also a private bathroom.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at the Auckland University of Technology 

1. Room Basics

sheet set makes a room modern

- rug
- vase
- tapestry
- string lights
- sheet set
- pillow
- quilt
- blankets

2. Snacks and Cravings

 mac and cheese is a fast snack

- tuppleware
- utensils
- lunchbag
- cookies
- mac and cheese
- ramen
- chips

3. Tech and Entertainment

 headphones are meant for music

- Phone charger
- speaker
- headphones
- laptop
- handheld game
- headset

4. School Supplies

 planners are meant for organization

- folders
- paper clips
- planner
- highlighters
- pens
- pencil pouch

5. Organizing and Cleaning

 a feather duster is for cleaning

- wet wipes
- hand sanitizer
- dust pan
- feather duster
- broom

6. Campus Gears

 non slip shoes are for grease

- campus school colors
- parking pass
- backpack
- rain jacket
- gloves
- walking shoes
- non slips

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

 the tv stand makes a base for a tv

- hot plates
- pets
- microwave
- crock pot
- TV stand


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