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10 Coolest Courses at Auckland University of Technology

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Ara Catubigan

Being one of the top 1% schools across the world, Auckland University of Technology has a bar set quite high. Students can expect to learn a wide range of information from within its walls while still enjoying some cool courses that ease the strenuous day to day work of writing essays and studying for exams.

1. COMT801: Western Acupuncture

Acupuncture can appear to be a very daunting method of healing but it doesn't hurt that much.

Acupuncture has always been an eastern influence. However, in this course, students can learn about the widespread acceptance of using acupuncture in the western side of the world. This course can greatly help professionals who want to employ acupuncture as a skill.

2. FOOD501: Food and the Senses

Food has become a treat to some thus we look into why good food can please all the senses.

In the past, we look at food as a means of surviving. However, eating has become a treat to all the senses. In this course, students learn about how food affects the senses and what one can do to make what you eat more appealing.

3. COMP570: Programming for Creativity

Coding isn't only limited to understanding the flow of 1's and 0's but also exploring what programming can do in a visual aspect.

Programming leans more on the logical approach but without creativity, codes are just numbers. This course explores the use of programming in a more lucrative approach such as CAD design, film making and even animations.

4. COMP717: Artificial Intelligence

AI can come in various forms from the simple smart calendar to as complex as Alexa.

Artificial Intelligence can be a hard course to handle but it is very rewarding if you’re up for a challenge. Students will learn about machine learning code and the assembly language to start creating their own AI.

5. MATH803: Mathematical Modelling and Simulation

While MATH 803 does not entirely deal with mathematical solutions only, this course can guide students on processing a lot of information.

Handling data is a consistent task in the IT field, with this course, students propel into learning how to handle big data through an analytical, and mathematical approach. Students can learn about database and polishing their understanding of advanced analytics.

6. NZSL501:  New Zealand Sign Language I

Picture of sign language examples for how are you, thank in New Zealand sign language.

The difference between the American Sign Language and New Zealand Language is the words. Much of the NZ Sign Language comes from the British language. Thus, students who reside in the British derived English can benefit greatly in enrolling in this course.

7. PODY602: Podiatry Clinical Practice I

If we don't take care of our ankles and feet, it will also greatly affect our day to day lives.

While podiatry is uncommon, this course gives students the basic step to becoming a professional podiatrist. Despite dealing only with the foot and ankle, podiatrists are a specialized field of surgeons thus students who want to be physical therapists can also benefit from this course.

8. COM510: Body Composition Assessment (Anthropometry 1)

Assessing one's body is not limited to 'how much you weigh?'.

This course gives students a better understanding on the various body types, what one can do on being healthy as well as the fitness they need. While not always geared for coaches, students can benefit from this class if they want to be more familiar with how their bodies work.

9. COM510: Sports Massage Advanced

It's important to guide athletes on easing the stress from their workout or sport.

Athletes need their share of massages to relax their limbs especially the affected muscles. In this course, students learn more about what massages are geared for which sections of the body and how to lessen the aggravation done to prevent further injury.

10. SPEX402: Fitness Foundations 01

Being fit doesn't always mean that we rely on the scale on what to do. Fitness Foundations 01 gives more insight on what can be done.

Being fit is not limited only to those who work out or go for sports, this course guides students on the foundations of how to be fit. There’s a lot of factors to consider when one has to work their body through strenuous activity and it is very important to point out what can be done to avoid injury.


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