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10 Easiest Classes at Baker University

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Drew Pierce
IF you want to know a way to have an easy schedule while having a high GPA, look no further! Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at Baker University!

1. NU 322- Foundations of Nursing

If you want to see if the nursing program would be a good fit for you, Foundations of Nursing is the class you need to take. This class covers the very basics of a very broad subject. This is also why it is an easy class to take.Two nurses using laptop computer

2. BI 120 - Human Ecology

Human Ecology is one of the most basic biology classes that you can take. In fact, this is an excellent choice to learn more about your body as well as satisfying a core requirement in science. Since it is an entry-level class, you will focus on the most basics of a lot of different areas.Human digestive tract vector

3. HI 140 - World Civilizations I

If you want to learn more about history, World Civilizations I is a perfect choice for classes. This class also covers a core requirement in history. That being said, you will not be challenged much and a lot of the information that is taught you probably covered in high school.World map

4. PH 115 - Introduction to Philosophy

One of the options that you have to satisfy a core requirement in social sciences is Introduction to Philosophy. This class just scratches the surface of the vast world of Philosophy. That being said, this class is very easy because there is not a lot of classwork.Definition of "philosophy", the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience

5. MM 140 - Mass Media and Society

If you want to go into a field that is relating to the media, Mass Media and Society is a perfect class to take. This class serves as the entry class into this track by going over the basic information to how the media work. That being said, this is mostly information you probably already know.A globe showing media today

6. AS 110 - Visual Language

One of the classes that you can take in order to satisfy a core requirement in the fine arts is by taking Visual Language. This is an art course that you can take to understand how language can be conveyed through art. You can be creative and your own person which makes this an easy class.Art palette with a paintbrush

7. EN 120 - Introduction to Literature

Introduction to Literature is one of the most basic English courses that you can take. You will learn about various pieces of work and how they impact people. Since every student has to take an English course at some point, you may as well take an easy one!Stack of textbooks

8. MU 120 - Understanding Music

Another fine arts option that you have is Understanding Music. This class covers exactly what the name implies. No matter your skill level in music, you will not be challenged and will learn more about basic music.Music notes and piano keys

9. AC 141 - Introduction to Financial Accounting

If you want to see if the accounting track is right for you, Introduction to Financial Accounting is a perfect option to take. you will see enough of the subject to see if you enjoy it within the stresses and difficulties of the field.Icon with three hands holding money, using a calculator and a credit card

10. BS 370 - Ethics in Business

Ethics in Business is one of the easiest classes that you will have to take on the business track. You will learn how to be ethical in business. You will also be in a lectured setting which means that there is not a lot of classwork required.The word "Ethics" shown in wood blocksBy taking all the easiest classes that you can, you will get a higher GPA and an easier schedule at Baker University. In addition, you will enjoy a lot more of your college experience.


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