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10 Coolest Clubs at Baldwin Wallace University

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Lauraanna Quinting
Baldwin Wallace University is a four-year private, coeducational, liberal arts college in Berea, Ohio, United States. The acceptance rate is about 60%. It is a fairly easier college to get into. There are plenty of clubs to visit that will introduce you to your niche friends. Here are 10 of the coolest.

1. Art Attack Club

The Art Attack Club is made of students who are in the field of studio and visual arts. It allows students to get the knowledge to further students' careers. This is done by giving students tools of the trade and the proper connections to go with.  what visual arts looks like in representation

2. Bella Voice

Bella Voice is a group of young women that are made for the show. It is a women centered vocalist group that gives them the tools needed to become professional and confident in their pursuits of singing. The group has access to special workshops as well as events to showcase their voice.  singing is not just singing but emotion

3. Wordsmiths

The Wordsmiths are made up of a group of students who strive to improve their writing skills. It allows people to have their work seen, heard and even peer edited. There is no judgement on work created and it even makes of a space to think of new ideas.  the official logo for wordsmiths

4. Hepcat Society of Swing

This group is made for those students who want to know the ins and outs of the traditional swing dance moves. It allows students the tools to be properly instructed, as well as have the chance to try out their new skills by an array of changing partners.  swing dance is a fun dance to learn

5. Outdoor Adventure Club

The Outdoor adventure club was created with the intention of promoting health and wellness through recreation. This is done through doing mini events as well as an annual event each year that is a whitewater rafting trip. This is perfect for those who want to explore more with nature.  example of what whitewater rafting looks like

6. Intercollegiate Sporting Association

This group of students is made up of people who enjoy all different types of sports that are outside. Some of the sports include: hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and photography. These are all great sports that lead you to a great relationship with nature.  example picture for hunting

7. Ultimate Frisbee

The ultimate frisbee club works to advance the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. This is done through education of the sport and its many "accessories,"or components. It also is taught through competing with other players, this gives you the best feel for the sport.  example of ultimate frisbee in action

8. Anime etc. Club

The Anime club is a special interest club on campus. It is meant for those students who enjoy the idea of being within the realm of fellow peers when it comes to Japanese entertainment, manga and anime. If you are a junkie this is a great social tool.  example of a new japanese anime

9. Community Activity Board

Everyone loves a good chance to meet with new people and new places. It is a time to meet with like minded individuals over social events such as going to sporting games or something as simple as a movie. The annual event has been something along the lines of Ceder Point.  Cedar Point is located in ohio

10. Magic The Gathering Club

Magic the gathering is a RPG game that withstands the test of time. It is the most popular card game while also being the oldest. This club allows lovers of the game to meet and battle against eachother. All in all this club is a social tool for networking and creating strong bonds.  the game magic the gathering

Top Events of the School Year at Baldwin Wallace University

1. Frankenstein Festival

Ritter Library presents "Frankenstein: 200 Years." This is an event that will talk about the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his unethical exploits.  The story will be featured from the spooky months of September all through October. Frankenstein Festival logo and poster

2. Culture Night

Culture Night is an annual event that has been ongoing for about 15 years now. It is a night of celebrating the diversity within the school. The school event is put on by international student groups as well as student services. The event has live music and celebrates all cultures.  culture night is for celebration

3. Burrell Observatory Open House

The open house is a free event that is also open to the public. The event will be held at Mainstage Theatre of the Kleist Center for Art & Drama. There will be a riveting conversation by a Professor  on how the Milky Way galaxy has changed chemically over time. Burrell Observatory open house events

4. Conservatory Holiday Concert

This annual event must have a special access to get in through tickets. The event/concert will be held Gamble Auditorium, Kulas Musical Arts Building. There will be a live stream of the concert if you are unable to attend. There will be jazz and theater performances and so much more. the conservatory Holiday Concert

5. Athletics Hall of Fame Happy Hour

The day is meant to celebrate those alumni or students who are part of the hall of fame.The tickets are $10 each or it is free for those who are currently part of the hall of fame. The hall of fame goes as current as the date of 2018 to as old as 1978. Photo of Athletics Hall of Fame


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