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Top 10 Dorms at BW

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Drew Pierce
A big feature of your education is where you live on campus. This allows you to take advantage of the resources at your disposal. Here are the top 10 dorms at Baldwin Wallace University.

1. North Hall

North Hall is a great place for you to live on campus. This is where a lot freshman students like to stay. This is because there are always events being hosted here that will help you get involved.  north hall in winter Address: 310 Beech St.

2. Lang Hall

Another good residence hall at school is Lang Hall. This is a coed dorm that is accepting to everyone. You will be surrounded by kind people in this building.  lang hall building Address: N/A

3. Carmel Hall

Carmel Hall is a great dorm that has a lot to offer to you. There are single and double dorms that make up this building. This allows you to be a part of a tight-knit community on campus.  Carmel Hall building Address: 275 Eastland Rd.

4. Findley Hall

One of the most improved residence halls on campus is Findley Hall. This dorm has a ton of new features that you can enjoy. Some examples include high-speed internet and laundry facilities. Findley building Address: 265 Beech St.

5. Davidson Commons

The Davidson Commons is a great place for you to reside. This is because this is a coed dorm that houses friendly and accepting students. This allows you to be yourself at all times.  Davidson dorm room Address: 309 Beech St.

6. Heritage Hall

If you want to live close to your classes, you need to check out Heritage Hall. This dorm is conveniently placed very close to the center of campus. This allows you to get to class easily and quickly. Heritage Hall building Address: 120 E Grand St.

7. Constitution Hall

If you desire a little more seclusion, you need to stop in at Constitution Hall. This residence hall is towards the end of campus. This allows you to have a more peaceful and quiet experience. Constitution hall building Address: 275 Eastland Rd.

8. Front Street Residence Hall

Front Street Residence Hall is one of the more basic dorms that you can stay in. Although you won’t have every amenity, you will save some money. They offer single, double, and triple rooms here.  Front street building Address: N/A

9. Beech Hall

Beech Hall is another residence hall on the main campus. This dorm offers you some of the best amenities that you can get. This allows you to make the most of your education.  Beech hall in winter Address: 210 Beech St.

10. Ernthausen Hall

The final great place to live on campus is Ernthausen Hall. This dorm provides you with a great way to get involved and meet new people. There are single and double rooms offered here.  Ernthausen hall building Address: N/A

Here is your Packing List for BWU

1. Room Basics

a basic dorm room - Garbage can - area rug - desk lamp - doormat - curtains

2. Food and Drinks

a pile of snacks - Bottled water - coffee - fruit snacks - microwavable meals - instant soup 

3. Tech and Entertainment 

Cell phone - TV - cell phone - computer - chargers - scanner

4. School Supplies

stacks of books - Text books - pencils - pens - notebooks - folders

5. Cleaning and Organization

cleaning supplies - Paper towels - wet wipes - shoe rack - desk organizer - bins

6. Campus Gear

a blue bike - Spirit wear - backpack - walking shoes - bike - water bottle

7. Things to Ask About Before Bringing

a group of pets - Guests - pets - microwave - printer - alcohol


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