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10 Coolest Courses at Baldwin Wallace University

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Lao Joy

Baldwin Wallace University is a very popular school that attracts many residents and students from other states to Ohio. Proudly, they promote that they have over eighty undergraduate programs available to students. Known for being affordable, Baldwin Wallace University (also known as BWU) is an amazing choice for students. Here are ten of the coolest courses available to students at BWU.

1. ART 110 - Drawing I

Picrure of a person's hand as they are drawing a cat.

In this course, you will explore more about your own personal creative style and different forms of self-expression. Some themes you will study include perspective and perception in art. Along with learning more about art, this is a great way to take a break from your other classes while earning credit.

2. CAS 172 - Foundations of Media Production

This is a film studio with the director on set.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of what happens behind the scenes in film. You will learn about aspects of production and how mechanics of digital videos work. You will also learn the basics of film itself with sound, lighting and editing.

3. HPE 326 - Tourism in Recreation and Leisure

These are tourists crowding on a beach.

In this course, you will need to have taken HPE 226 as a prerequisite. However, this should not stop you because this is a very relevant and exciting course! You will learn more about the relationship between tourism in recreation and tourism in leisure. This is a very interesting class that helps students learn more about the Tourism industry and how it works.

4. HPE 202 - Principles of Sports Medicine

This is a man assisting a woman with her knee injury.

In this course, you will be introduced to the field of sports medicine. You will focus on athletic training and how these roles are crucial to sports everyday. Some things you will learn include care and prevention of injuries. On the other side, you will also learn about the administrative side of Sports Medicine.

5.ART 220 - Digital Photography

This is a man taking a photo with his Canon camera that has a long lens

In Digital Photography, you will learn the different elements that create digital photography as art. You will learn more about the basics of cameras such as shutter and exposure. You will also gain experience with Adobe Photoshop. One area to note is that students will be expected to bring a digital SLR camera to class provided by themselves.

6. CAS 107 - Film and Culture

Here is classic film used for recordings.

Film and Culture is another fun class available to students. In this course you will learn about cultural communication. Part of this course is dedicated to looking at real time examples and how culture has impacted film. You will also learn more about how to analyze the narrative of data.

7. MKT 230 - Introduction to Marketing

Here is the work Marketing surrounded by icons used in marketing.

This course requires ECN 100 as a prerequisite. In this course, you will be introduced to the world of Marketing. Marketing is a very creative and interesting form in the business world that students all over the world choose as their career paths. If you believe Marketing is your call, this is a fun way to learn more about Marketing.

8. HPE 221 - Nutrition for the Athlete

Here is an athlete practicing running on a track.

Have you ever wondered what professional athletes eat in a day? In this course, you will learn more about the basics of sports nutritions to help boost the performance of athletes. You will learn more about topics such as energy utilization and different types of nutrient supplements.

9. REL 100 - Introduction to Religion

These are different symbols representing different religions.

For students who are Religion majors, or simply looking to learn more about Religion impact in the world, this is a great class for you. Here you will learn more about ritual practices used in different religions. You will also learn more about how religion plays into the government and creates the debate between whether things are ethical or legal.

10. DST 463 - Seminar in Diversity Studies

These are cartoon images of people with different skin tones and genders.

In this course, you will learn more about problems of diversity in American's society today. You will learn more about how sociology plays a factor in people's everyday choices. This is a great way to learn more about how people think and how culture impacts the way we think.

If you need a break from classes, or simply want to look for a fun way to earn credits, taking fun classes is the way to go. BWU is an amazing university that welcomes students to take a variety of different courses to suit their liking. These are ten amazing courses that can help lead you to your next passion!


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