At Ball State University HIST 150 is a core curriculum class that just about every student has to take. If you follow these five tips, you will surely thrive in this class!

1. Make an Impression

What separates you from just being a number to the university to a well-rounded student, is creating your own personal brand. With this history class being a big lecture, it is always good to go up to your professor and introduce yourself. Some of these core classes can have over 200 students in them, so if you establish a presence among others, you will surely stand out. It can be very beneficial to step outside of your comfort zone and to make your name ring a bell every time your professor sees it!


2. Raise Your Hand!

This is another way to create a personal brand to stand out among hundreds. Most professors do a really good job on still interacting with the students even though there are hundreds at a time. If you consistently be a person who asks intelligent questions and seems engaged in the content, you will be seen as such. This is another great way to get on the good side of a professor!



Although attendance is usually not a big deal in large lectures, this is one class you will want to attend. Some professors have in-class activities that can take up a significant chunk of the overall grade. Usually, the dates of these activities are not posted so constant attendance is quite important. Skipping class every once in a while will not take a huge toll on your grade, but your grade will definitely reflect your attendance!


4. Personalize Your Notes

In lecture classes, the flow of information moves very fast and a lot of content is vast. A huge key to master in the history class is to simplify your notes. Technical terms and scientific names can be very confusing and distracting to people who have never heard of them. Changing the terminology to more common words can simplify the learning process for this class. Having 20 to 30 pages of notes can be very confusing if it is not in terminology you can understand.


5. Enjoy Yourself!

Being faced with the constant stresses of college can really take away from the overall experiences of the classes. Yes, lectures can be boring, but they are what you make of them. Learning about thousands of years of history can be quite intriguing. So sit back, take some notes, study, and most of all, soak in as much information as you can.


Making the most out of lectures can be very important to the overall college experience. If you really want to excel in HIST 150 at Ball State University, follow these five keys to make the most out of this class, and maybe even have some fun doing it.

Drew Pierce

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