At Ball State University, JOUR101 is the main entry-level class to get into the Journalism program. Here are some main concepts that are covered in this class, as an introduction to basic journalistic ideas.

1. The LUPE

Every Journalism, Advertising, and many other majors have to pass the LUPE in order to get accepted into the college. This is a skill based pass or fail test that is taken on a lock-down browser. The LUPE focuses on basic journalistic techniques, as well as basic grammar and punctuation. In order to be accepted into the college, you must score a 70 or higher. The good thing is, that everyone can have up to five attempts to pass this test. If you get enrolled in this class, expect to brush up on some basic spelling and grammar!


2. Weekly Discussion Posts

In most journalism class settings, there will be weekly discussion posts that take up a decent chunk of your final grade. Although each post is only a few points, it adds up very quickly. The topics of these discussions really depend on the unit in which that is being taught. The discussions are usually pretty short, but take your time and do them well because the payoff will be worth it!



Probably the biggest chunk of your grade will be from projects! Just about every unit has a project to go along with it. A majority of these projects will be in groups, so if you are good in groups, this class will be a breeze! However, since they are mostly done in groups, an individual grade is still assessed – so don’t be your group’s slacker!

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.08.25 PM

4. The First Amendment

As journalists, the first amendment should hold a very special place in our hearts. This is the basic rule in which our free speech is guaranteed. Although this may not be the case with all professors, some will make it mandatory to memorize the first amendment. Although this may seem fairly simple, grammar and punctuation is included. If one mistake is made, it is a failed attempt.


5. Take Home Readings

On top of all the projects and discussion forums, every week has a chapter out of the book that should be read. Usually, this chapter will be about content covered in class, but this is not a required process. Although the readings are not going to be graded, all the information will be in the final, so it’s a good idea to take notes and understand the material.


These are just five examples of what to expect if you were to take JOUR101 at Ball State University. It may be daunting at first, but it becomes a breeze once you find your rhythm.


Drew Pierce

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